Times have changed and so have marijuana products

Smoke of any kind has usually made everyone of us feel ill.

Usually everyone of us will start walking the other way.

Recently my sister wanted me to hang out with her plus both of us were saying that it was a really bad for us to be walking in the opposite direction. When there is smoke you know there is something that is going to be on fire. I have had this aversion to smoke that has kept me away from using recreational marijuana products. Times has certainly changed, especially now that marijuana products are available to everyone of us and a lot of different forms. It has been illegal for us to risk our job or any other type of items to use cannabis but pot brownies and other edible things that include cannabis don’t seem so bad. When it was legalized and recreational cannabis was available for everyone, it really made us think twice about whether or not we should try cannabis products. Everyone abruptly moved to legalize recreational marijuana and then there was sore after a store. One neighbor took me down for a root beer that was at a Cannabis Cafe plus it had 10 mg of THC inside of it as well as I thought it was totally delicious. I didn’t feel very giggly, but I did feel like I was much more calm and relaxed. That was a feeling that I was not used to having in the middle of the day unless I was drinking a bunch of alcohol.

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