Watch This: Gordon Ramsay Meets a Stoner Stereotype

One of celebrity chef and personified expletive Gordon Ramsay’s hundreds of reality shows is Hotel Hell, where he Sweary Poppins his way to struggling mom and pop establishments to help turn their businesses into places that are actually worth visiting. In one episode, he visits a cannabis-loving man who owns a hotel in Colorado, so naturally the production goes out of its way to highlight what a huge stoner he is.

The whole segment is one big Liz Lemon eye roll, with Ramsay playing dumb by saying “I love fresh herbs!” and supposedly not knowing what cannabis smells like (dude’s been in the restaurant industry for decades; there’s literally no way he doesn’t recognize that unmistakable odor), pointing out that the owner is “high as a kite,” and capping off the clip by stating, “Kids, don’t do drugs—you’ll end up like that.”

While I agree that kids shouldn’t do drugs, not everyone who enjoys cannabis is a forgetful slob that’s too high to notice there’s no furniture in a room and is too lazy to clean stains from a carpet or dispose of dead bug carcasses. But hey, responsible cannabis consumers don’t exactly make for compelling television, so go ahead and pile on the “These potheads, amirite?” narrative.

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