Working in SEO now

I didn’t plan on working in marketing, but that’s where I ended up as a person interested in writing and content creation.

With social media experience under my belt, transitioning into marketing and advertising felt love minute nature.

Not to mention the company possibilities are vast and unceasing, giving anyone quality job security even as the economy’s stability waxes and wanes. Instead of advertising direct products, I work for an SEO chain that focuses on digital marketing for cannabis dispensaries. The people I was with and I help cannabis companies with their website so they’re correctly using the necessary search engine optimization strategies needed for long term growth. Some of these companies have social media accounts that need to be managed as well, so the two of us have a department that handles that as well. One of our coworkers is a web designer and focuses on weaving effective SEO keywords into websites from the bottom up. The method is to put content on a website that is going to match web queries when people are making searches. Thankfully, finding those keywords couldn’t be more self-explanatory. Just doing your own web searches will create various results for popular keywords with strong SEO value that you can use depending on which niche you come from with your certain business. However, space of our services is giving our purchasers the best SEO keywords that the two of us have at our disposal. Web design is pressing too because the visual look of a website will have as strong of an effect on its success as the SEO strength of its copy and text. Needless to state, the two of us are not separate from ample purchasers finally working as an SEO firm for cannabis companies.

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