Yet to figure out what is great about the newest cannabis products

You can count on me to try new stuff thanks to my adventurous personality! For instance, when I go to the bar the bartender has to bring me a new cocktail they consider as their best work.

I refrain from choosing my drinks and allow the waiter to bring me something they believe is great.

For some strange reason this always works with few flops but the element of surprise keeps me going. Recently something similar happened when I was with my friends at the cannabis dispensary. Instead of buying marijuana like normal people do, we went for new products. Mine was a new brand of cannabis drinks that included a fruit juice, lemonade, soda, and some purified water enriched with THC & CBD! Myfriends Penny and Kim on the other hand chose new flavors of cannabis wax they wanted to try on the dab rig. Another one by the name Tessy got a disposable vape pen which came loaded with totally new cannabis oils. We later found out that this was a “randomized vaporizer” which delivers random hits of each cannabis oil at a time. We spent that night getting high in my house as we tried the new cannabis products. I made cocktails with the cannabis drinks, vodka, and added some ice. Little did I know that this would kick things into overdrive! It was a fun night, but by the end of the night I was ready to go back to my traditional cannabis flower. All the new cannabis products were fun to play around with, but nothing close to the real thing. Usually, cannabis buds that have been freshly picked from the plant will always be the best way to get high.

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