Author: Jason

Vaporizing CBD oil

My cousin Ed hasregularly had serious health complications. Ed is only multiple years older than myself and others plus suffers from Crohn’s Disease. Ed had to get surgery twice in the past year to have portions of her colon removed to knock down her serious symptoms. Ed’s sister Josy is multiple years younger than myself […]

My Grandfather used to hate marijuana

My Grandfather has regularly been seasoned fashioned. My father plus her siblings were never allowed to date when they got to the age of 16. They either snuck around with their significant others or they waited until after they had moved out of the home after finishing high university. My dad said that he snuck […]

The smart way to shop for cannabis

Here is a tip for the rookie cannabis smoker – don’t restrict your business to one store, or to one particular strain of cannabis. It is important to sample around with various products, and to explore different stores and dispensaries. This isn’t like McDonalds, where every store is exactly the same. There are thousands of […]

This sweet old couple at the cannabis dispensary

Every week the same elderly couple comes into my store. Always on a Sunday afternoon, right after they finish with church service. They always take their sweet time walking around the store, checking out any new products that might have come in, before making their selection. They only ever buy three grams of cannabis, which […]