Author: Jason

The recreational dispensary was like a candy store

When my home state legalized medical marijuana, I decided to get a card so I wouldn’t have to worry about getting caught with marijuana. I looked forward to being able to buy supplies from the medical marijuana dispensary, but the selection was scarce and the supply was never enough for the demand. There were often […]

My friends are all over 21 now

Recreational and medical marijuana have been legal in this state for 5 years. It took a while for politicians to change their minds about marijuana, but eventually the government approved cannabis for everyone. It cetainy; helped that several additional neighboring states were already legal and trafficking was difficult to control at the border. It was […]

The dispensary celebrated halloween in style

Halloween is my favorite holiday throughout the year. I like skeletons, ghouls, and goblins. I prefer to decorate my apartment and I like giving out candy on the night of Halloween. It’s fun to scare the kids and see the look on their faces. This year I planned a huge celebration and I invited some […]

I’m getting a new car finally

I have been working every single day that my boss will allow, so I can earn enough money to buy a new car. I use my car every day as a delivery driver. Cannabis drivers make great tips, especially during these hard times. Unfortunately, my car has had one problem after another. First it was […]