GPS changed everything for me

GPS or Google Maps were not around when I was growing up.

If I wanted to know how to get from one place to the other, I had to get out a map or an atlas.

I don’t even think they teach the kids how to use a map or an atlas in school anymore. I worked as a delivery driver for a pizza shop when I was 17 years old. I had to look at a map to get all of my directions before I left the shop. There were no cell phones either. Fast forward 10 years and a lot of things changed drastically. The internet changed a lot. Certainly you could print out directions to almost any place in less than 8 minutes. 10 years after that, there were maps on my phone that could lead me to a place with step by step directions. GPS changed a lot of things for me. Being able to use electronics to go from one place to the other means you don’t have to look down when you’re driving. That means it’s a lot safer. It also means that you can get two places more quickly. I still work as a delivery driver 20 years later, but now I work for an upscale marijuana boutique. The upscale marijuana boutique has customers all up and down the hill. We have lots of different medical and recreational marijuana products that are available for pick up or delivery services. I have to be able to get to the customers’ addresses safely and quickly. Now I can put the address into my phone and a nice lady on the other end will tell me exactly when to turn and where to go.
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