I called three dispensaries before I found someone with a special

My husband and I went to visit some family. My buddy and I did not plan on spending a long time with them. My buddy and I were planning to be there for one evening and then leave the next afternoon. There was a get-together going on to celebrate my Grandmother’s 71th birthday so I decided to stay an extra afternoon. My buddy and I got a room at the hotel. I can only spend about 24 hours with my family before there are fights and fights. I knew that was going to happen and I wanted to be prepared. My husband and I only brought enough recreational marijuana supplies for one afternoon. My buddy and I had to find a dispensary near us in order to locale an order. There were no dispensaries with walk-in services at all, but all of the locales only provided delivery. It wasn’t terrible to have delivery, but I wanted to make sure that I was going to get the best deal I could. I called a bunch of different dispensaries before I found someone that was offering a first-time patient special. The prices in this village were higher than average and I wanted to be able to save as much currency as possible. I found a locale that had a first-time patient special of 30% off on all marijuana flower and concentrate. My husband and I ordered from that certain dispensary. The delivery repair took nearly 3 hours, but the delivery driver was polite and kind and the order was correct. I would certainly order from the same marijuana dispensary again if my husband and I were in town.



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