CBD candies are great for traveling anxiety

And since they’re identical to any other normal candy you could get from a grocery store, using them couldn’t be any more discreet than it already is

Some people absolutely love the idea of traveling for work. I had friends years ago who all wanted to have careers where they’d constantly be on the road. Only one of those people kept their jobs as the rest simply couldn’t handle the life of a wanderer, regardless of the perks and excitement. In a world where COVID is a risk in your hometown’s local grocery store, you can’t imagine the stress that I go through mentally with the degree of exposure that I experience being a traveler of airlines almost every week. I have a stockpile of N-95 masks and usually have seven or eight that I cycle through at any given time, using a different mask each day while allowing them to sit for a few days before they’re used again. Even with the best COVID mitigation practices, I need something for the constant anxiety. Drinking only goes so far, especially if you’re doing it daily and it affects your physical and mental health. Instead, I have started munching on CBD candies whenever I’m having anxiety while traveling. These CBD candies aren’t cheap but they’re really effective at making me feel calm while I’m on a packed airplane. And since they’re identical to any other normal candy you could get from a grocery store, using them couldn’t be any more discreet than it already is. I just wish that CBD candies weren’t so expensive, but at least there are a lot of brands and options out there if you’re patient enough to hunt them down. I look for CBD stores in the places I visit while I’m traveling for work.


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I consume CBD edibles everyday before I leave my house to go to work

Driving to work in the mornings is a test for my patience and my resilience in the face of chronic anxiety and fear.

Some people have no compassion for others on the road, especially on the interstate where everyone is driving over 60 miles per hour.

If there’s a traffic jam I constantly worry that I’m going to be late to work. My boss told me once that I should plan ahead for these situations, but am I supposed to leave an hour early every single morning and simply wait in my car in the parking lot if there’s no traffic delaying my arrival. Since there has been a lot of road construction work, the path to work every morning is even more susceptible to heavy traffic than usual. I don’t know how to stay calm, especially if I’m getting close to the point where I know that I’m going to be late to work that day. I finally found a way to stay calmer every morning before my arrival to the office. I decided to purchase CBD edibles from a hemp and CBD store that opened in a local strip mall. These CBD edibles help calm my anxiety, especially on mornings when I have to wait patiently in slow moving traffic. If I can keep a calm mind during life’s most stressful moments, I can prevent myself from losing my mind. I can’t afford to show up to work in a state of total frustration and anxiety every morning. This is where the CBD edibles help the most. I find them at a local CBD and vape store that is between my house and the office.

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Jack informed me about the sale on top shelf flower

Jack and I have been best friends since high school.

We met over our shared love of weed and basketball.

I used to go to the park every weekend with my basketball and a joint. It was easy to find someone to join me for a pickup game if I had marijuana. My big brother got marijuana from the people he went to school with. I had easy access to we’d almost anytime I wanted. Jack and I smoked a lot of pot together. Eventually we both went separate ways after high school was over. We remain friends to this day and frequently see each other when we have time. Just last month Jack came to visit for a couple of days. We took my boat out on the water and went deep-sea fishing. Before we went fishing, we visited a recreational marijuana dispensary. I wanted to have some items delivered the previous night, but Jack really wanted to check out the dispensary and see the selection in person. We had to find room to park the boat by the dispensary. Thank goodness there was a large parking lot next door with lots of space for the boat and the truck. We picked out a couple of nice top shelf flower strains. They tasted really good and rolled up nicely in the cones that we purchased from the shop. The top shelf flower was on sale and 20% off. We picked out a really nice girl scout cookies hybrid that was 33% in THC, and we picked up a Super silver haze that was 29%. Our selections were easy to make.

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Smoking cannabis with my neighbor changed our relationship

I try to be a helpful neighbor, however the aged guy next door really pushes all of my limits.

  • Gerry is an elderly guy, and actually he shouldn’t be living on his own, however he is too stubborn to transfer into a group home.

Gerry needs help taking out the trash when it gets too heavy, and help carrying in the groceries every single time that he goes to the store. Gerry is a kind man, and generous, however he is also quite lonely & needing so much assistance. It was only recently I discovered that Gerry had been a long time purchaser of the cannabis dispensary. I asked Gerry why he had never told me, and he said that his generation could get rather embarrassed on the subject of cannabis. Gerry was raised to guess marijuana was toxic and deadly, and also offensive to God, so he didn’t want to talk about it in public. Gerry had an amazing collection of a dozen weird strains of cannabis, because he was constantly obtaining more than he could smoke. That was the day our relationship changed, because now Gerry knew he could offer myself and others cannabis in exchange for my help. Gerry will invite myself and others over for root beer and cookies, and then also serve me heaping bowls of OG Kush for myself and others to smoke alone. Even though I know he gets high, Gerry still feels weird smoking marijuana in front of other people. I bet one day it will change, however in the meantime I have no problem with smoking a whole bowl of OG Kush by myself.

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The band switched over to edibles

I live in a small housing building downtown.

  • It’s an aged one, pretty small, numerous stories with about a hundred and fifty residents.

There is a massive atrium down the center of the building, which was built as a community area; During the COVID quarantine, when many of us were locked down in the building, that atrium became a perfect locale to party. It was big enough that the two of us could still socially distance, however still hang out together. A few of us started a little rock and roll band, and would have jam sessions while the two of us smoked cannabis in the atrium! People liked our songs, and the two of us got no noise complaints, however several folks were not as cool with us using cannabis, so the two of us did get some smoking complaints. After a little brainstorming sesh, Jesse suggested that the two of us make a big pan of pot brownies and instead of smoking pot, the two of us could use edibles before the two of us jammed. Before this I was not really experienced with using any kind of cannabis edibles, however after that first pot brownie I was a firm believer! One fat chunk of pot brownie gave myself and others all the benefits of eating cannabis – I was stoned, I felt nice and relaxed and ready to play. At the same time, there were few of the downsides associated with smoking cannabis – no coughing, no red eyeah, and no strong aroma! After that the two of us jammed a lot more, because the two of us could eat as much cannabis as the two of us wanted and no one was the wiser. I will say that without having those cannabis edibles to relax me, jamming with these people was not nearly as much fun.


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