My Grandfather used to hate marijuana

My Grandfather has regularly been seasoned fashioned. My father plus her siblings were never allowed to date when they got to the age of 16. They either snuck around with their significant others or they waited until after they had moved out of the home after finishing high university. My dad said that he snuck out as often as he possibly could as he moved into the back corner of the basement when he turned 14. He bought lots of vinyl records plus had a task at the local hospital washing dishes in their living room to pay for the albums. Around the same time, 1 of my dad’s friends introduced him to smoking marijuana. While they smoked it in my Grandfather’s basement a few times, they usually snuck out to arenas in the woods around their town to get stoned because my dad would get in lots of trouble otherwise. They made it abundantly clear to my dad plus her siblings that they thought marijuana was evil plus a big harm to society. Knowing this, it was a shock myself and others to see both of them using a variety of CBD products on a biweekly basis these mornings. They like to use topical CBD products such as oils, skin patches, creams, plus balms because of their chronic joint pain. Apparently a bunch of their elderly friends started to use CBD 1 by 1 plus this convinced my Grandfather to change their minds plus give it a try. To guess that these modern CBD fanatics were once so spiteful of marijuana that they wanted to see it eradicated from the Earth is too much for my high brain to handle.


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I like CBD patches to relieve pain

Back injuries can be some of the worst sources for physical pain.

Whether you’re standing or not, sometimes you regularly feel some level of pain from whatever injury you have.

I had a buddy named Ed with a neck injury from soccer who went to a bad chiropractor plus now Ed has two herniated discs in her necks plus more pain than ever before. Don’t regularly guess that a specialist actually knows what they’re doing just because they’re suggested by people you plus hope you can trust. During my time at university, I was using a messenger bag that was full of heavy books plus an ipad. Since the messenger bag hung from 1 side on my back, it caused an unnatural amount of pressure on just 1 side of my lower back at any given moment. After picking up 1 of my dogs during this time, I felt a frighteningly painful pinch in my back plus I collapsed to the floor. Ever since then, I have had chronic back plus leg pain. It gets worse the longer I’m on my feet, however at least I have CBD patches to treat the pain. I started out purchasing CBD edibles plus letting those absorb into my whole body. I enjoyed the numbing feeling I’d get from high doses of CBD edibles. However, the locale of the nerve that causes my sciatic is at the base of my back on the left side plus I gained that I could focus the CBD into that area to get the most benefits. That involves CBD topicals such as cream plus skin patches. I care about my CBD patches because they supply localized pain relief over a long period of time.



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What should we do with this cannabis?

I live just an hour’s drive from the Gulf of Mexico, which is one of the greatest places in the world to go fishing.

My son-in-law Mike will often come out with me.

We get up before dawn so that we can be out on the open water ready to fish by first light. We head back in by noon, before the brutal heat of the afternoon sun can wear us out. A few weeks ago we were heading back into the docks when our boat bumped up against something. Much to my shock and surprise, it was a huge bale of cannabis. The way it was tightly wrapped up in a waterproof lining indicated that this cannabis was being smuggled into the country, and must have fallen overboard somehow. I wanted to keep going, but before I could stop him Mike grabbed the gaff and pulled the cannabis on board. He said there must have been a hundred pounds of it, and this bale of cannabis had a street value of tens of thousands of dollars! Mike had a lot more experience with cannabis than I did, and he had some big plans for this weed. He told me that the cannabis belonged to both of us, and he would split any profits from it with me 50-50. I was just nervous about having possession of this much marijuana, because if the cops caught us we would seem like weed smugglers. I’m not a cannabis dealer, I’m just a normal dude! On the other hand, can I really walk away from tens of thousands of dollars?



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An awesome discovery at the cannabis dispensary

You never know what kind of awesome thing you will discover at the cannabis dispensary.

I used to place my order online, then swing by the drive-through window to pick it up. I always went to the same store, and ordered the same stuff, which in retrospect seems pretty boring. That was a long time ago, and now I have a completely different perspective. Cannabis dispensaries receive new and exciting products every single week, and by not going inside I totally missed out on them! I also wasn’t aware that the cannabis dispensary had a sale table, where they had older items discounted to a very low price. To be clear, the sale table is not the place to get the freshest cannabis strains of the most exciting vape accessories. The sale table is where they stick all the cannabis products that no one wanted to pay full price for! The longer someone sits on the sale table, the lower the prices get, which is how I scored a six-pack of cannabis fruit drinks for three bucks. The cannabis drinks were supposed to expire the following day, so they had been marked down 90% from the original price! That was too good a deal to refuse, especially since I had never tried cannabis drinks before. It took me three days to consume all of the cannabis drinks, and I was stoned out of my mind the entire time! I don’t know if cannabis drinks are always this strong, or if being expired gave them some extra kick, but they were an awesome discovery..


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Changing the way I think about cannabis

I live in a small college town, where about half the population is made up by students.

These students come from all over the country, and many of them have never been this far south before.

This means that every year when hurricane season starts there are thousands of young people who have no idea how dangerous it can be. I live outside of town, and my next door neighbors are a group of college kids. During the last hurricane I went over to check on them after the power went out, and found them smoking cannabis and playing Beer Pong. Here I was being worried and stressed, and these kids were having a grand old time with marijuana, vodka, and beer. I made a choice to relax and not worry about the storm. Smoking a few tokes of high-caliber cannabis helped to ease me into a more chill mindstate. Eating a 10mg cannabis edible reinforced my choice, and had me sitting on the couch for two straight hours. We had a great time that night, and it forever changed the way I prepare for a hurricane. I still get lots of canned food and bottled water, and gas for my generator, but I also stock up on cannabis and cannabis edibles, too! As dangerous as a hurricane can be, the stress and worry can be just as dangerous, and cannabis really helped take the edge off. I have a vacuum-sealed jar in the pantry with an emergency back-up supply of medical cannabis in preparation for the next big storm.

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