The recreational dispensary was like a candy store

When my home state legalized medical marijuana, I decided to get a card so I wouldn’t have to worry about getting caught with marijuana.

  • I looked forward to being able to buy supplies from the medical marijuana dispensary, but the selection was scarce and the supply was never enough for the demand.

There were often times when the dispensary was completely out of dried marijuana flower. How does that even happen with a medical marijuana facility? Still, it was necessary to have a medical marijuana card for legal purposes. When my wife and I visited a state with legal recreational cannabis, we decided to go to a dispensary so we could check it out. The recreational marijuana dispensary was very different then they experienced we were having at home in the medical dispensary. The recreational dispensary looks like a candy store. They had many different types of items all over the room. They add different types of edible marijuana treats like candy, chocolate, chips, popcorn, and cookies. The place we visited had more than 60 different types of dried marijuana flower. My wife and I were overwhelmed by the selection and it was hard to make our choices. It would have been nice to take some of the items home with us, but we flew on an airplane and it is illegal to take the products out of the state unless you are traveling to another legal recreational state. We learned that information when we mentioned taking some of the edible treats home. The budtender quickly educated us and warned us not to try that.



My friends are all over 21 now

Recreational and medical marijuana have been legal in this state for 5 years.

It took a while for politicians to change their minds about marijuana, but eventually the government approved cannabis for everyone.

It cetainy; helped that several additional neighboring states were already legal and trafficking was difficult to control at the border. It was easy for anyone close to drive across the line, pick up marijuana, and travel back into our home state, It wasn’t even a half day trip. My brother was 21 the year that marijuana was legalized and he went to the dispensary. He came home with tales of the place and explained all of the store and the products that were available. My friends and I were in the ninth grade at the time. We had a long way to go before we would be old enough to enjoy going to the medical and recreational cannabis dispensary. My friend Joey was the first person to turn 21. He went to the dispensary and picked out a bunch of supplies so we could have a party. Then Chris and Cameron turned 21. I am the last person in our group to turn 21 and I can’t wait for all of us to go to a recreational marijuana dispensary together. It’s the one thing that I have really been thinking about. In other states and regions, kids might think about drinking when they become of age, but I’m looking forward to being able to legally purchase recreational cannabis supplies from the dispensary. I only have fifteen more days and then I will be legal.


The dispensary celebrated halloween in style

Halloween is my favorite holiday throughout the year.

I like skeletons, ghouls, and goblins.

I prefer to decorate my apartment and I like giving out candy on the night of Halloween. It’s fun to scare the kids and see the look on their faces. This year I planned a huge celebration and I invited some of my friends for a party. A few days before the Halloween party, I went to the recreational cannabis dispensary to pick out some supplies for the party. The dispensary was celebrating Halloween in style. Everyone one inside of the building was wearing a costume. Some of them were very elaborate, considering the fact that it wasn’t actually Halloween yet. The dispensary had most items in the store on sale. I saved 25% on everything in my purchase and that was a great surprise. I also received a Halloween gift bag since I spent more than $100 in the cannabis dispensary. I didn’t expect so many surprises when I went to pick up marijuana supplies. As soon as I got to my car, I opened the bag from the dispensary so I could see what was inside. I wasn’t expecting much, so I was surprised to find a half gram of cannabis concentrate, a glass bowl, a free case of dried flower, and several different pens, language, and stickers from local cannabis suppliers. When I told my friends about the Halloween give away, they were upset that they missed the sale. They expected me to share some of the stickers, pens, and lanyards with them.



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I’m getting a new car finally

I have been working every single day that my boss will allow, so I can earn enough money to buy a new car.

  • I use my car every day as a delivery driver.

Cannabis drivers make great tips, especially during these hard times. Unfortunately, my car has had one problem after another. First it was the AC and then it was the speedometer. Now thus cruise control won’t work either. I have to use my car for work, because I am a delivery driver for a recreational and medical cannabis shop. Even though the interior functions of my car are faulty, it still runs and drives from point A to point B. I told my boss that I was willing to work all the overtime that he would allow. I told the guy about the problems with my car. He gave me three extra shifts every week and I’ve had four extra shifts for the past six weeks. I finally have enough money to buy a new car. The tips from the cannabis deliveries have been exceptionally nice thanks to the holiday season. Everyone seems to tip better during Thanksgiving and Christmas. I’m hoping to find a new car after the holidays are over. My dad said that is the best time to look for a vehicle because of the quarterly budget and sales. I think it would be nice to finally buy a car with four doors, but as long as I am working as a cannabis delivery driver, it makes more sense to buy an economical, two-door car that doesn’t guzzle gas and is eco-friendly.

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It was cold before work, but I was sweating later

The weather has been getting colder and colder and I have a hard time when the temperatures are extremely low.

My car doesn’t run well when the temperatures are cold and my house is drafty in every room.

I have to sleep with a space heater, because it’s so cold in my bedroom. It was awfully chilly this morning when I woke up and got ready for work. I decided to wear something warm, because it is always cold at work too. I have been employed by a recreational and medical cannabis shop for the past eight months. Even during the summer when the temperatures were warmer, it was still extremely cold inside of the building. I’m not sure if it is the location of the cannabis shop, but it is always extremely cool indoors. I put on a pair of corduroy pants and a long-sleeve shirt with a sweater. When I walked out of the apartment, I was barely bothered by the cold weather that had to be shivering earlier that morning. When the sun came out, the temperatures started to get warmer. The cannabis shop was still cold, but I was wearing multiple layers of clothing and I actually became too warm. I took off my sweater and wore my long-sleeve shirt for the afternoon. I would have been too warm with the extra layer of clothing and I was happy that I didn’t decide to wear the sweater alone. The cannabis shop was busier than usual. I think the warm air and sunshine brought people out to the market and the strip mall.


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