The renter left a bag of cannabis in the house

My wife and I inherited her parents house after they passed away and we decided to turn the place into an Airbnb rental.

We weren’t sure if we were going to keep the house or if we were going to get rid of it, so using it as a rental seems like a great idea.

The house was located close to the river and in a very nice spot for fishing. It was pretty easy to rent out the house when the weather was warm and sunny. We had one renter that stayed for a long time. The guy was a sport fisher and he was there to film some content for his YouTube channel. I gave the renter a really good deal on the house for a whole month. After the guy left, my wife and I went over to the property so we could clean things up. It wasn’t as dirty as I expected it to be. To be honest, I was definitely expecting a mess. I wasn’t expecting to find a bag of marijuana. There was a bag of recreational marijuana inside of the refrigerator. I guess the guys must have forgotten that they put the recreational marijuana in the refrigerator. I thought it was kind of funny when we found it. My wife seemed like she was horrified. She was going to throw that marijuana in the toilet. I stopped her right away and then she gave me a look. I told her that a friend of mine would put those flowers to good use and she just ruled her eyes at me. She knew that I was going to smoke the contents of the bag.
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