20% off is a pretty fantastic sale

Each day of the week, the marijuana dispensary near myself and others has a odd product or item on sale, on Sundays, the marijuana dispensary has 20% off all of the edible products in the store, however the sale includes the gummies, difficult candies, chocolate, tinctures, beverages, and all of the CBD products. On Thursdays, the marijuana dispensary near myself and others has a sale on all of the dried marijuana flower products. The sale includes all of the pre-rolls, pre-roll packages, and all of the eighths, quarters, halves, and ounces of marijuana flower. Thursday is my favorite day of the month at the dispensary, because that is the day of the month when they have a sale on cannabis concentrates, then i appreciate to vape marijuana instead of smoking, then concentrates are so much better than dried flower products. I suppose that vaping has a stronger flavor and I cough a lot less when I vape instead of smoke. On Thursdays the cannabis concentrates are 20% off and they also have displays and demonstrations on that day. There is usually someone from a cannabis concentrate business in the lobby and they offer a free demo. Whatever item is on sale, I buy that product so I can acquire the free demonstration product. It’s always a gram of something that I get for free, last year it was an eighty dollar product on sale for free with any purchase; Between the 20% off savings and the free demonstration products, Thursdays are always the best days for myself and others to go to the marijuana dispensary to buy the items that I love.

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