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At the Maryland Medical Marijuana Certification Clinics (MDMMCC), our State licensed Maryland Marijuana Doctors will help qualified patients obtain the physician’s certification necessary for the legal use of medical marijuana in Maryland.

At the Maryland Marijuana Doctors Clinics only Maryland Licensed Doctors that a re registered with the MMCC can review your medical records for a “FREE Pre-Qualification”. Only qualified patients with specific conditions can obtain a medical marijuana certification if approved for the legal use of medical marijuana in Maryland.


Marijuana has helped me deal with a medical condition that I've had for over 23 years. After contacting Maryland Marijuana Doctor, I was impressed that they were able to answer all my questions, A very professional staff, helpful and informative. I now live in Maryland wouldn't go anywhere else for a Marijuana Card. Thank you.

Morgan L.
Morgan L.

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Maryland Medical Marijuana Laws – MD Cannabis Timeline Since 2003

MAY 22, 2003 – “Compassionate Use Act” Senate Bill 502 Essentially Reducing fines for cannabis users to $100 if the ...

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How Do I Qualify for The Medical Marijuana Program in Maryland?

Any person who lives in Maryland can participate in the program. A person from out-of-state who is in the state ...

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The Maryland Medical Marijuana Program (MMCC)

Q. How do I set up an appointment with the Maryland Medical Marijuana Certification Clinics (MDMMCC)?

ANSWER: First, fill out the Medical Release Form and cover sheet. Please be sure to include your doctor’s name and phone number and send it in. One of our friendly staff members at Maryland Medical Marijuana Certification Clinics will contact…    READ MORE


Medical Marijuana in Maryland - Noteworthy News About Medical Marijuana

Eighty-one percent of Americans favor the legalization of medical marijuana according to a May 7, 2015, Harris Poll. This broad support has led to unprecedented progress in state medical marijuana programs in 2015. Nineteen states introduced legislation to legalize medical marijuana during the year. In addition, many of the twenty three states with current medical marijuana laws passed legislation to expand or improve their programs in 2015. Maryland expanded and improved their medical marijuana program through new regulations.


Medical Marijuana in Maryland

Maryland residents must have a State issued driver license or valid Maryland Photo Id to qualify for a Maryland Medical Marijuana Card.

Maryland Photo ID for Marijuana Card

Your State identification card is required to to apply for your for a Medical Marijuana Card in the State of Maryland. State issued  identification with your photo is required.


Our Maryland Doctors must review your medical records to confirm your qualifying condition for the Maryland State Medical Marijuana Program. (MMCC)


MDMMCC offers Free Pre-Qualifications for your Marijuana Card after review of your medical records. Don’t have your records? We can help get them for you.  JUST ASK US!

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Maryland Medical Marijuana Certification Clinics (

All MDMMCC Doctors are State Licensed Maryland Doctors in good standing in the State of Maryland. We pride ourselves on educating our patients about medical marijuana as an alternative to pharmaceuticals. Some patients are looking for other methods for pain relief for a better quality of life.

Our fully licensed Maryland medical marijuana doctors conduct their legal and ethical duties in full compliance with Maryland’s Medical Marijuana Certification guidelines. (MMCC)

Our Focus is on Compassion

Our Maryland Marijuana Doctors focus their service on compassion and respect for patient privacy. We understand that some patients are reluctant to try medical marijuana as an alternative to traditional medications. However, countless patients have found the use of medical marijuana effective as a therapeutic drug for cancer treatment and other medical conditions. For people suffering from glaucoma, marijuana has been proven to reduce intraocular pressure along with other medical marijuana benefits.