The dispensary time clock is a crock

I think the dispensary time clock is a crock

My friend and I work for a marijuana dispensary in the city. I have been working at the marijuana dispensary for the past 6 months, but my friend started working at the place 2 months ago. One of the things that I liked best about working at the marijuana dispensary was the fact that I didn’t have to punch a Time clock. If I was scheduled to work from 4:00 until 11:00, I didn’t have to clock in or out anywhere to put my time in. The manager always checked to make sure if you were there and if so, she made sure that your hours were right on the schedule. Sometimes I didn’t get to work until 4:15 or 4:20. I never thought it was a big deal until the marijuana dispensary hired a new company for payroll and timekeeping. The new company installed software on the computers to keep track of all of the employees’ hours. We had to use the point of sale computers to log in and out of the software. Each one of us has a separate number and we have to manually enter our number into the point of sale system. If we are more than 7 minutes late, the manager gets an automatic email. If we clock out more than 7 minutes early, the manager also gets an email. I think the dispensary time clock is a crock. I’m aggravated, because I’ve been in trouble three times this week for being late. The manager never used to notice in the past.

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It turned out that a lit joint was the root of the fire

On the weekends, I work with the volunteer fire department… Around this actual area of the country it is basically necessary to have lots of volunteers. When there is a fire, it is all hands on deck pretty much. I was laboring last weekend when a call came to the fire station. There was evidence of a fire burning on the north side of the town plus my pal and I had a bunch of calls. I was on the fire truck that was sent out to the call. The blaze was not especially challenging to contain. My pal and I had access to water that wasn’t far away, so my friend and I did not need to worry about using the emergency tanks on the truck. It took merely 30 minutes to completely douse the section with water plus get rid of any evidence of burning or smoke. My pal and I were pretty lucky that a lot of people called about the actual fire. Sometimes no one will bother to call plus the blaze will be out of control before my pal and I find out there is a drawback. My friend and I were particularly fortunate that most of the park wasn’t burned in the accidental fire. I was having a talk with the fire chief the next day after the scene of the fire was surveyed. A lit marijuana joint turned out to be what started the fire. There are signs all over the parks plus the areas near the north side of the town letting people know how dangerous it can be to have a forest fire or throw cigarettes out of the car. The lit marijuana joint was found in a patch of lawn that wasn’t far from the main road.
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I could have gotten in a tremendous amount of trouble

Wednesday night I was basically closing up at the cannabis shop plus I observed a homeless man trying to sleep in the parking lot.

The homeless man was kneeling down directly next to the dumpster.

It was a particularly frosty plus freezing night plus I could tell that the homeless man was making an attempt to block the wind as much as possible. The guy was covered up with all types of newspapers, and normally, it is my duty to make sure that all the people are out of the parking lot. I was going to make the homeless man leave, although I genuinely felt especially bad because it was so nippy outside plus the guy clearly did not have anywhere to go. I could have gotten into a sizable amount of trouble, although I thought it best to let the man sleep next to the dumpster on our lot. I closed the gate plus locked everything up. That put the homeless man on our lot for the rest of the night plus I came to realize that could have been a fairly crucial problem. I felt particularly sad plus tense through the entire night, because I did not know if the homeless man was going to cause trouble. The upcoming day, I got to work early so I could survey the section before unlocking the gate. I did not see the homeless man anywhere at all. I took a look by the dumpster plus all around the store plus the parking area. There is a 10-ft fence around the whole perimeter, so I genuinely have no idea how that guy was able to get out on his own. It makes me wonder if the guy sleeps in the parking lot every single night.

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Some of my pals came over to appreciate the draft

My pals plus I were looking forward to watching the draft this weekend plus my pal and I spent the weekend having fun, drinking, plus smoking cannabis.

I don’t respectfully smoke cannabis far too often, although I decided to give in to temptation when one of my friends decided to bring some top shelf flower that was honestly insane looking.

It was really the prettiest marijuana flower that I have ever seen in my life if I’m being honest. I haven’t seen a huge amount of flower, however this bud seemed like it came from a picture in a book.The strain was a sativa. The sativa marijuana strain made me feel especially relaxed, although I still had a lot of energy to keep me going. My pal and I watched four rounds of the draft plus then I had to find something to eat. I had terrible munchies after smoking the sativa marijuana strain. My pal and I ordered a couple of pizzas plus wings from a place that wasn’t far. While I waited for the food to be delivered, I genuinely ate half of a gallon of ice cream that was sitting in the freezer. My pals basically laughed at me as I was sitting at the table spooning the ice cream into my mouth, although I felt like I was much hungrier than I have ever been in my life. I had a huge amount of fun with my pals this weekend plus enjoying the draft was particularly informative plus incredibly interesting. Some of the teams made trades that I didn’t think were a very fine idea. I know my pal and I will see how things work out when the proper season gets going. I really have a fair amount to think about for fantasy football plus my choices this season if I want to win.


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I chose to pick up two cartridges that were perfect for my vape pen

I decided to head to the cannabis shop near me because I had to get a battery for vape pen cartridges plus I also plan to get a new cartridge for sure.

I had a sativa cartridge called blue dream, although I was actually looking for an indica.

I came to realize that the marijuana dispensary near me carried a bunch of unusual types of vaporizer pen cartridges. I was able to discover lots of unusual indicas on the day that I went to the marijuana dispensary near me. The budtender told me about a sale that they were having. If you decide to purchase any two vape pen cartridges, you could buy a new battery for $1. I was very pleased when I heard about the sale. I was already planning to buy a battery plus a vape pen cartridge. I genuinely ended up acquiring two vape pen cartridges for only $10 more than I would have paid for the vape pen cartridge plus a battery. It was similar to getting buy one plus get one for free. I ended up finding a sativa marijuana strain called Maui wowie. The Maui Wowie strain was honestly fruity plus tasted a bit like pineapple which was great. The indica marijuana strain that I bought is called Grand Daddy Purp. The Grand Daddy Purp cartridge is a very dark gold color plus it tastes sort of like having a cup of tea. If you get an entirely nice Grand Daddy Purp cartridge or flower, it should taste sort of like a cup of Earl Gray tea. There are certain hints of bergamot in the plant terpenes plus that gives this particular strain a very pleasant taste plus appeal.

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