Easing up thanks to marijuana

I’m a big man and I know I just landed on planet earth that way.

My mother was put through the wringer with me.

I was a willful child who was going to pretty much do what I wanted to do. And then, I would just do my total swan dive into our interests. It has always been like I just don’t think how to shut off or ease up. These days, I’m happy to report that cannabis products are showing me that even I can ease up and relax. It couldn’t have come at a better time either. While I’m doing fantastic at work due to my obsessive, not quit work ethic, my relationships have paid the price. Before I started using sativa and indica strains, I spent so much time completely focused on work and my outside interests. That was a mistake and I needed an extreme course correction. On the advice of a colleague who deals with the same sort of personality troubles, I dropped by the local cannabis spot. At first, I wasn’t sure that I was in the right place. It was such a refined retail environment. But the smell of the cannabis reminded me that I was indeed in a cannabis dispensary. I spoke with one of the cannabis experts and ended up with a sort of sampler of new cannabis strains. I knew nothing about recreational marijuana so I was so happy that I had help getting the sort of cannabis products that would help me personally. I’ve been using sativa strains mostly for 3 months now. There has been such a huge change in our priorities and focus. My relationships are now the priority they should have always been. And even more amazing, I’m genuinely wonderful a bit.
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Brought a friend to the cannabis dispensary

That’s why I picked her up for an afternoon of window shopping and went straight to the local cannabis spot

Sometimes, to be a good friend, you have to give tough love a bit at times. That’s exactly what I had to do when it came to getting my dear friend to the cannabis dispensary. I’ve been enjoying recreational marijuana since I was in school. So I think the benefits of using sativa and indica. There is just no replacement for marijuana in our life. I’m blessed that I knew a guy who was a cannabis grower inside the basement of his house. That man had the coolest set up down there and grew weird sativa strains and indica strains as well. But these days, that same guy is a licensed cannabis grower and recreational marijuana is legal. So times have changed and I wanted my dear friend to change with it. She was always scared to try marijuana because it was illegal and she was just sure that she’d be randomly tested at work. She works at a computer screen not driving a bus. Now that marijuana is legal, I was no longer taking no for an answer because I knew it would help her. My friend is sort of put upon by her family, job and other relationships. It’s difficult for her to think for herself and I knew some nice sativa strains for sale at the cannabis dispensary could help his with that. That’s why I picked her up for an afternoon of window shopping and went straight to the local cannabis spot. I got her some sativa cannabis gummies and went to the park. I had a picnic put together for us and it ended up being one of the best days she’s had in a decade.

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Athletic recovery was aided by cannabis

But with the cannabis products, I saw an immediate and significant improvement in range of motion

It’s true that so many professional athletes use cannabis for recovery from the stress they put on their bodies, even people like me who have to have an afternoon job to support their professional athletic dreams benefit from marijuana use. I’m just blessed to have gotten on board when medical marijuana was first legalized here. I’m a golfer on the satellite tours. Now that I’m closing in on my late 30’s, my idea of making the real tour seems to be waning. But that’s okay because I’m not stopping. I’ll keep playing the smaller, satellite tour in hopes I get an exemption here and there. Yet thanks to sativa strains and indica strains, I’m going to stay competitive with our game. I’m only a bit more than 12 years away from being able to play on the senior tour and that would be amazing. I got my medical marijuana card as soon as I could after doing some research on cannabis. I wanted to try indica and indica dominant hybrids strains for sale to help our recovery. Spending minute after minute on the range pounding golf ball after golf ball takes a toll on our back, knees, hips and ankles. So of course, I’ve always been into training, stretching exercises and cardio to help offset what golf takes out of me. But with the cannabis products, I saw an immediate and significant improvement in range of motion. Not only that, I discovered that sativa strains also easily helped me relax and let an afternoon on the course evaporate off our shoulders. Thanks to the local cannabis spot, I’ve got a legit chance to last until I’m 50 and then get out there to compete for some real money.


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It’s consistently personal at the cannabis dispensary

My local cannabis spot goes the extra mile every time for me and I so like their care and compassion when it comes to getting me the sort of cannabis products that I like and add benefit to my life

I don’t think I’ve walked into the local cannabis spot without them greeting by name in the past many years. In fact, I think the crew at the local cannabis spot started greeting me personally after about the second or third cannabis shopping excursion that I made there. But that’s the way it is at this awesome marijuana business. They are always ready to serve my personal cannabis needs. I’m not a number or just another human being walking through the door, and nor am I some mark to them that can be easily upsold into cannabis products that I don’t need or that they are trying to get rid of. It’s very weird from most retail experiences in that regard. I like going there because they make shopping for marijuana for sale not only convenient, straight-forward and fun, it’s also personal. They think of the sort of sativa strains that I like. Or even the indica hybrid strains for sale that I like as well. The folks at the local cannabis spot are always on the lookout for new cannabis strains that check all our cannabis product boxes. But the thing that I like even more is the fact that they know me, love me. They always want to make sure that I’m happy with our cannabis purchases. My local cannabis spot goes the extra mile every time for me and I so like their care and compassion when it comes to getting me the sort of cannabis products that I like and add benefit to my life. And at our local cannabis spot, they always call my name.


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A new dawn after cannabis dispensary trip

I finally gave in, however my sibling just wouldn’t stop and after at least five years of pushing, I was finally ready to give cannabis a try.

I’ve never been a recreational marijuana user.

I know this has something to do with the fact that I have near crippling anxiety and depression. This is something I’ve dealt with since we were little kids. Thinking back, I can’t remember not ever being sort of immobilized by a deep fear and anxiety. Of course, living with that will lead to depression because I end up isolating myself so much. I’ve been on some form of medication for the past nearly 3 decades. But when medical marijuana was being floated in our state, my sister did a deep dive into medical marijuana research data. She was just somehow sure that medical marijuana would not only help me manage my condition but significantly improve it. But me being me, I wasn’t interested at all at dealing with more dentists and stuff to get our medical marijuana card. So I procrastinated long enough that recreational marijuana was legalized. That was it for my sister. She basically came and got me, put me in the car and took me to the local cannabis spot, and wow, I couldn’t be more grateful for her persistence. I ended up coming home with a sativa strain and a sativa dominant hybrid strain for sale at the cannabis dispensary. That night on my sister’s back porch was the beginning of the rest of my life. The change was almost immediate because when I awoke the next day, it was dawn and I wanted to see the sunrise for the first time ever.

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