The girl invited me to smoke a bowl of weed and play video games

Jack is a modern employee that started working at the heating and AC repair shop about a month ago; Jack then seems like a pretty cool chick from what I know about the woman.

She is single with two youngsters and has been working in the corporation for the past 10 years.

I had the pick to work with Jack all day on Thursday and things weren’t genuinely well. I finally learned a lot about the girl including the fact that she likes to smoke recreational marijuana… Recreational marijuana is 100% legal in this state and there are lots of sites to buy the products. Jack asked if I was a lady to smoke recreational marijuana and I told him that it is not something I correctly do. I actually smoked weed in college, however I had not smoked in a genuinely long time. The girl invited me to smoke a bowl and come to her apartment after work to play video games. My loving wife was working until 11:00 and it sounded like a good way to spend the night. I went back to my home and took a shower and changed and then I texted Jack for instruction to her apartment. She was about a full five or six miles away, however I took an Uber instead of driving. I didn’t know if I would be able to drive to my apartment after smoking marijuana and drinking a few beers and I wanted to be safe. I also didn’t really want to have to ask my loving wife to pick me up after she had worked 1 12 hour day at the hospital.




The food array at the celebration was vast and enormous

Thursday was actually the one year anniversary of the opening of the marijuana shop near me.

I remember when the marijuana shop opened up, because they had a genuinely sizable sale on everything in the shop.

For the first month, all of the products in the store were 25% off. I was sad when the marijuana shop finally ended the sale. I was used to getting the extra savings. When I found out that the marijuana shop near me was going to have a celebration to celebrate the one year brand opening anniversary, I cleared the day on my calendar. I figured they would have a pretty sizable celebration since they had an immense celebration when the site opened up. A week before the actual anniversary celebration, online and there were advertisements in the store too. On Thursday they were going to have a bunch of buy one and get one for free sales and free demos, food, music, and more pop up sales. The food array of the celebration was enormous. There was a lot of uncommon food there from a few local diners. The marijuana shop had tacos and burritos from the Mexican diner and egg rolls from the Chinese site. They also had a full variety of pulled pork, chicken, and beef from the barbecue site down the street. Everything was free as long as you made a purchase from the marijuana shop that day. My friends and I picked out on pulled pork after buying a couple of vape pen cartridges. The whole entire day turned out to be a ton of fun.

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Sale prices at the local dispensary are 20% off

Last Thursday night my close friends and I went to the bar for several hours. My good friend and I watched a few boxing matches and had some wings. My good friend and I also drank a couple of beers. I was also supposed to pick my loving wife up from work at midnight. I decided to leave the bar around 11:00 p.m. and the dispensary nearby was still open! From 8:00 p.m. until midnight, they always have 20% off all products in the store. It’s like a night time thrilled hour savings and I like to do my shopping when the store has a 20% off sale. I was pretty drunk when I left the bar, so I took an Uber back to the house. From my apartment, I decided to take my automobile to the dispensary. It was also only 2 miles. I didn’t guess it was going to be a sizable deal to drive my automobile those 2 miles. I was a lot more drunk than I expected and I ended up swerving all over the road. A police officer flipped on her lights as I was pulling into the parking lot of the marijuana shop. I was also hoping that the cop wasn’t after me, however she pulled in right behind me so I was unable to leave the parking spot. The officer wanted to know where I was going in a hurry and she asked me if I had been drinking. I eventually lied and said no and told the girl that I had just finished work and I was tired. She did not make me do a sobriety test and let me go with a warning.

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The new shirts are ultrathin and sticky

The owner of the marijuana dispensary in town said that it was time for a new look.

I have been working there for the past 6 months.

I agreed it was time to do something about our logo and the drafty and cold feeling inside of the store. The owner of the marijuana company hired a construction crew to work in the middle of the night. The crew transformed the inside of the store in 2 days. We did our best to work around them and we were only offering pick up services and delivery during those two days when the construction crew was working. After the inside of the store was transformed, the owner of the marijuana dispensary ordered brand new shirts for all of the staff. They arrived two days later. It was easily the fastest turnaround that I have ever seen and I expected really good results from the company. Unfortunately, the new shirts are ultra thin and sticky. You can see every little part of the body because the shirts are so thin. The owner thought he was getting a good deal on something lightweight but the shirts aren’t going to work out. They are completely uncomfortable and practically see through. As the manager of the marijuana dispensary, it was my job to tell the owner how awful the shirts looked and felt. I told my staff to go back to wearing the old shirts and then I had to break the news to the guy with all of the money. I was happy that he agreed with my assessment of the shirt situation.


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We kayaked down the river for 10 miles

My friends and I enjoy a lot of outdoor adventures.

We regularly go fishing and hiking and sometimes we go kayaking when the river levels are high.

There was a lot of snow and rain during the winter months, so the level of the river is higher than usual. There are even some areas where there are rapids. My friends and I decided to go to the river on Saturday. We packed up our kayaks and all of our safety gear. When we are out on the river, we always make sure to have a life vest, helmet, and safety whistle. In the event of an emergency, these three things can absolutely save your life. We decided to put our kayaks in the river near the state park. It’s free to go to the state park and there are lots of places where you can park your vehicle safely. Before my friends and I started our river adventure, we decided to smoke an infused marijuana joint. We bought the infused marijuana joint from a recreational and medical marijuana dispensary nearby. The marijuana joint was a sativa called strawberry cough. It tasted very fruity and a lot like strawberries. It didn’t make me cough much at all. My friends and I smoked the two gram marijuana joint and then we set off on our adventure. The marijuana joint made me feel much more relaxed and at ease. I wanted to feel more calm and relaxed on the river, so the infused two gram joint was the perfect way to start my day.



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