I decided to get a job in the medical marijuana industry

I got sick of working in the food service industry.

It was a great way to earn money in high school when I was washing dishes in a kitchen at a retirement facility.

However, I soon worked my way up into an assistant cook position and soon learned how cut throat the industry can be on new workers. My employers worked me to death and my co workers were often competing with myself and each other. It’s not like we were fighting for higher wages for each one of ourselves individually because that wouldn’t have gotten anyone anywhere. When that job became too much for me, I got a different position doing much of the same work at a restaurant this time around instead of a kitchen at a nursing home. Unfortunately, the stress and feeling of exhaustion were even worse at the restaurant because it was even more fast paced with less help. It was owned by an extremely cheap couple who wanted to make as much money as possible while completely ignoring their suffering employees. After years of being in this cut throat industry, I decided to get a job in the medical marijuana industry instead. I started out working in the packaging facility for a large state-wide medical marijuana grower and retailer. But I managed to work my way into the grow facility after just one year packaging all sorts of cannabis products for sale. All in all, I’m really enjoying working in the cannabis industry. I’m passionate about the product that I get to grow and I’m always excited when a new batch of weed is harvested and cured before we send the flower buds to the packaging facility.

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The state government places a lot of restrictions on medical marijuana dispensations

I don’t like how overbearing our state government can be with many of the laws in this state. They’re heralded for cutting back business regulations, but it comes at the cost of regulating individual people’s lives. It’s pretty bad when your state politicians villainize LGBT folks as if they’re monsters out to ruin the lives of children everywhere. But every election cycle they’re rewarded with higher electoral gains and an ever dwindling possibility of any real political diversity at capitol hill. When that happens, why wouldn’t they double down on positions near and dear to their hearts? They hate cannabis despite the fact that over 70% of our electorate voted to pass a medical cannabis law back in 2016. A 70% majority is a super majority, but the state government still puts unnecessary rules and restrictions on the program that affect patients the worst. Recently they put huge caps on the amount of milligrams of THC oil that medical marijuana physicians are able to recommend or prescribe to their patients. Cannabis users who were used to consume massive amounts of THC oil suddenly had to knock back their use by upwards to 50% or higher. Some went back to the black market for additional cannabis concentrates because they could no longer buy enough of their necessary items using their medical marijuana card. I hate it when the state government imposes new rules and regulations regarding medical cannabis, especially when they don’t actually improve anything that’s actually wrong with the system in the first place. The next thing you know, they’re going to start putting caps on the total amount of THC that can be in each product.

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My cousin rebounded from a seizure by vaporizing CBD oil

My two cousins have regularly had severe health problems.

  • Biff is only more than one years older than me and suffers from advanced Crohn’s Disease.

Biff had to get surgery twice in the last year to get portions of his colon removed to reduce his severe symptoms. His sibling Jay is more than one year younger than me and he has both kidney disease and epilepsy. While the epilepsy didn’t start to get severe until Jay was in his teens, his kidney disease was giving him stones often as an elementary school student. I have suffered from kidney stones on a couple of uncommon occasions, and each time it was some of the worst pain I’ve ever felt. Jay gets at least one kidney stone each month, however thankfully he’s usually able to pass the stones without needing any surgery. Jay consumes lots of CBD oil not just for the pain from the kidney stones, however primarily to treat his epilepsy. Jay gets seizures every couple of weeks and has found that vaping CBD oil has a stronger and more reliable effect on reversing his seizures compared to the meds and drugs that his dentist prescribes him. I saw Jay reclaim from a seizure once in real time by using his CBD vape pen that he keeps in his pocket no matter where he is. I’m so glad that CBD oil can benefit the number of people it does, especially all of the old folks who use CBD creams and salves for chronic pain in their hands, legs, and feet. I sometimes supplement my consumption of traditional cannabis products with an additional regimen of CBD flower products. It’s nice to combine CBD and THC if you have access to the latter.



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You can find affordable CBD products online

At first I had been hesitant to switch to online shopping even when the industry rose in popularity back in the mid 2000s, as it perpetuated the diminishing small companies in communities nationwide.

Amazon.com was a book retailer at first and is partially responsible for the disfigure of several brick and mortar Borders, both big chains and small independently owned businesses.

Back then there were a lot of people arguing that shopping online would doom small businesses, however thankfully that worry has dissolved in recent years. There are plenty of smaller companies in every industry that thrive on the internet having little to no overhead by simply fulfilling promised shipping orders. For instance, I don’t care about shopping at brick and mortar head stores and smoke shops because their prices reflect the cost of their overhead. However, I found a local company on the internet for my cannabis vaporizers and parts and components. They offer 20 percent off sales rolling throughout the year, all of the time. Usually shipping only takes numerous or four days at the most. The best space is that it’s a small company run by a man who works out of his and the growing family he supports. I also get my CBD products from internet shops of this nature, as several of them offer the most affordable prices if you’re shopping for CBD on a budget. I know that CBD oil and hemp products might seem lavishly costly at times, so that’s why it’s crucial to locate affordable CBD oil stores. Some local CBD oil stores might be worthwhile to check as well. No one should go without hemp and CBD oil if they actually need them just because of their financial situation.


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I like how CBD products are safe for children

There are always concerns with giving children any sorts of medications if there isn’t ample research available to detail the short term and long term side effects.

This is actually true with medications for people of any age, however it’s the most concern some if children are exposed to any dangerous compounds that are deemed as harmful after further research is completed.

Thankfully things including acetaminophen and guaifenesin are tried and true over-the-counter medications that are both perfectly safe for children and also safe across the board if you follow usual dosage instructions. I don’t recognize you could ever consume too much guaifenesin, however you can really take too much acetaminophen and run into severe problems with live toxicity. That’s why you need to follow the usual dosage instructions regardless of how old you are. But CBD and hemp products are really safer than acetaminophen and can also be given to small children at the recommendation of a pediatrician. For instance, if your child suffers from epilepsy a daily regimen of CBD could be the difference between misery and an otherwise glad life. CBD oil can also be given to a child with chronic pain as an alternative to unsafe painkillers including opiates which could have addictive properties that CBD lacks. If it’s not already obvious, I’m a major proponent of CBD for people of all ages. I recognize that pet CBD products are amazing as well, especially when you already have pets with joint pain and hip pain. CBD used to be costly because it was only made in a handful of states, however now you can get affordable hemp and CBD products all over the arena. If you actually want to save on CBD and hemp, buying them at an online store might be your best bet.