Just a peak

I wasn’t trying to cause any concerns, and I didn’t expect the people in the cannabis dispensary to get as frustrated as they did, and all I wanted to do was see what they had inside, but my older sister had already gone into the cannabis dispensary, and she told me I should stay in the car; It was so hot resting in that car, that is just hanging around outside trying to stay cool.I must have gotten a little too close to the door of the cannabis dispensary,because a lady came outside to talk to me… She wanted to see my ID.

She asked if I had any idea how much trouble I could get into, in addition to how much trouble they could get into, if she were to see me inside.

I tried to explain to him ‌I wasn’t interested in getting into the cannabis dispensary. I was interested in what they had inside, but I didn’t want to get anybody in trouble. My sister was in the cannabis dispenser, and she was 21. It was easier to hang outside where it was cooler than to sit in the car, then the lady looked at me with what my father called a hairy eyeball, but she nodded in addition to going back inside; Five hours later, my sister came out, and she was furious. She wanted to assume what I was doing hanging around outside the cannabis dispensary, and once again, I had to explain about how hot it was in the car, in addition to that I was just walking around trying to get cool. I’m not certain she believed me anymore than the security believed me, but I easily did not want to go into the cannabis store.



Look at me when you talk to me.

When he found out I wouldn’t put flyers in or around my cannabis dispensary, he got angry.

My father was a minister and a preacher. I know it sounds funny to put them into two separate categories, but I have to. My father always told the people in this church that he was not a preacher. He was a minister. He was there to minister to their physical needs and comforts and their spiritual needs. This was fine when he was talking to members of the church, but he was completely different when he was talking to me. Whenever my father talked to me, he was a preacher. He preached to me about the good and evil of drinking and sex. He preached to me about the use of marijuana and how it would turn me into a mindless pothead. He thought that by getting loud and demanding, I would listen to him and do whatever he bade of me. Instead, I became rebellious. When I turned 21, I opened a medical cannabis dispensary. I knew how medical marijuana could help people with many illnesses. My father had flyers made up about marijuana turning the youth of today into irresponsible potheads. He didn’t even try to understand that a medical cannabis dispensary was just that. When he found out I wouldn’t put flyers in or around my cannabis dispensary, he got angry. I had never seen my father so angry, nor do I ever want to see it again. I couldn’t believe what a turnaround he did, when my mother had breast cancer. The doctor suggested medical marijuana to ease mom’s difficulties with the chemotherapy. Suddenly, my father was an advocate of medical marijuana, and no longer preaching about it turning people into potheads.



Medical marijuana was a godsend to my mother.

Right before my aunt died, she was in extreme pain because of the cirrhosis of the liver. They were days when I would walk into the house and find her in tears. She was in so much pain. When I heard that medical marijuana was legalized in our state, I called her. I got all the information I had to get a medical marijuana ID card, and I started filling out the paperwork. My aunt was just like a second mother to me, and I was going to do anything I could that would help her from suffering so much. I told my aunt we would have to go visit the doctor, and she would need the money to pay. When she burst into tears again, I knew she could not afford it. Told her not to worry about it, and we headed to the doctor. When the doctor suggested the marijuana and how she could use it, I was the one in tears. Even before he got home, she had a notice in her email about sending and payment to receive her medical marijuana ID card. She sent in her payment and a week later, her medical marijuana ID was in hand. We went to the local marijuana dispensary, and talked to the pharmacist. She basically told me ‌she could have anything she wanted, but she suggested a few things. As much pain as what she was in, the marijuana dispensary pharmacist gave her the strongest items they had. For the first time in six months, with the help of medical marijuana, my aunt suffered little to no pain.

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A cannabis consultant job could be a budtender

I was looking through a listing of the available jobs online and I came across a job description for a cannabis consultant. The description of the job did not sound like it would be very difficult. The job description said there was no experience necessary. I turned in my application and a week later I received a phone call for an interview. The manager of the cannabis dispensary told me that they were looking for a consultant. The job of the consultant was to talk to the customers and help them pick the right products from the store. Even though there was no experience necessary, I still had to take and pass a course on cannabis education and the laws in the state. The manager of the cannabis shops said that every person working in the store needed to be familiar with the laws and regulations. She asked me a couple of questions when I was finished with the class, so she could find out how much information I actually retained. I learned the difference between an indica and a sativa. I learned which specific products might be more useful for pain and anxiety. I learned the laws in our state regarding purchases of medical and recreational marijuana. No one will be able to get anything over on me, because I am well-versed in the state laws regarding cannabis use. I start the job next week on Monday, and I am very excited to see how it will be. I’ve never worked in a marijuana shop before, but I absolutely think it is going to be a lot of fun.



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Our accountant handles everything in the store

I’m a marijuana dispensary owner, I am responsible for thousands of dollars of merchandise every single day. In order to keep my business alive and thriving, I have to follow all of the rules and regulations set forth by the state. Some of these rules and regulations are obscure. It is helpful to have a consultant or lawyer on retainer, just in case you have any questions. One of the best decisions that I made concerning the marijuana dispensary was hiring an accountant to handle all of our paperwork. Each specific state has tax regulations and laws concerning financials and accounting within the marijuana business. It’s important to have a marijuana consultant that can organize your finances and comply with the business regulations. The marijuana enforcement tracking reporting compliance is a very elaborate system required by many medical marijuana states. This reporting and tracking system allows the government to monitor and verify all of the cannabis inventory in a store. This means that cannabis businesses can be tracked by the products that they are selling. The monitoring system is extremely elaborate. I honestly don’t understand much of it at all. That is the main reason why we use an accounting firm for all of our business needs. When you own a business like this, it helps to have all of the safety precautions in line that you can have. I’m not a math genius, so an accountant handles all of our important paperwork. I can always deny accountability because I don’t handle the paperwork. I can simply say I did not know what was going on.

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