Cannabis time and attendance software worked well when it was used.

One thing I always stressed to my employees was the importance of checking in when they got to work and checking out before leaving.

I needed an accurate account of their time and attendance. Whenever I was on schedule at my place of employment, I was diligent about clocking in and out.

I knew that if I forgot to clock in, I wouldn’t get paid for that day. I didn’t want to put in eight hours of work and not get paid because I was too lazy to clock in. I also didn’t want people to doubt when I left because I forgot to clock out. Maybe it was easier for me than it is now. Now they have time and attendance software for clocking in and out. I had to pass the time clock, and it was hard to forget to clock in when coming in. You had to pass the time clock when walking out. I am now older and working in a cannabis dispensary. I still don’t want to be accused of trying to get hours I didn’t work because I didn’t use the cannabis time and attendance software. All you need to do is tap the manager on the shoulder and let them know you’re there. The manager can easily adjust the cannabis time and attendance software if they are aware of when you came in and went home. Don’t expect them to be mind readers and believe it when you said you were there at 9 AM when the first time they saw you was at 10 AM. No matter how good the cannabis time and attendance software is, it will only work well when it is used.

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Mom and I go to the cannabis dispensary

It’s funny the things you get from your parents.

And the older I get, the more I see mannerisms and characteristics that seem to come directly from mom and dad.

So when my mom was so talkative that first time in the local cannabis spot, I knew that he was really nervous. I do the very same thing when I’m in a new place or with people I feel intimidated by. I just can’t seem to shut my face for some reason. Actually, my mom came to me all hush, hush with questions about marijuana. She knew that I used recreational marijuana which is something that my mom sort of just ignores. I don’t smoke cannabis around them and I hold down an accountable, successful life so I guess mom’s reaction is sort of his blessing perhaps. But my mom has been so interested in cannabis. She was in school in the 60’s when recreational marijuana was everywhere. Still, he never experimented with cannabis as that’s just not how he was raised. So my mom’s questions about marijuana persisted until she finally asked me to take her to my local cannabis spot. I obliged and it was such an interesting trip for me and her both. I’m known at the local cannabis spot so they all greet me by name. I guess this just impressed my mom no end because she started talking almost non stop. She was peppering the staff with all sorts of marijuana related questions. It was a hoot. We ended up buying some sativa edibles. My mom and I ended up trying out the edibles one weekend when mom was out of town. And my nice friend and I both talked all night long. It was a blast.



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Getting our cannabis product delivered

Okay, so I’m completely blown away by the fact that there is such a thing as a marijuana delivery service. This is simply incredible to me. I’m in my 50’s so I grew up when they still delivered stuff like milk and ice cream to the door. But I can remember when I was in highschool that pizza delivery became a thing. It was like a dream come true for me. I enjoyed pizza so much and would even order a pie on the sly. I’d pay for it with my money and then sneak it up to our room, however, my Mom would sniff it out and slip into my room for a slice. It was a cool moment. I’m wondering though if my Mom would slip into our room these days after following the smell of cannabis products that were delivered. I doubt it as he was pretty anti marijuana back then. But for me, it’s like the whole pizza paradigm playing itself out again. I like cannabis and have been a recreational marijuana user since school. That was not an easy thing to be for a lot of years. I didn’t know a cannabis grower or anything like that. I would have to take whatever marijuana I could get through friends. I said thank you and treated that weed as a treasure. Yet, I didn’t think the THC satisfied, who grew it or where it came from back then. Now, I pull up the local cannabis dispensary online and peruse an extensive list of cannabis products. But now, I simply checkout online and they give the cannabis right to my front door. It’s so amazing to me that I can still hardly think that it’s happening. But these days, I’m not paying for cannabis delivery with my allowance.


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Chilling at the cannabis cafe

If it’s early Wednesday morning, you can easily find me at the cannabis cafe.

This is true just about every Wednesday and it’s been my saving grace since it first got here.

Actually, the owners of the local cannabis spot were the ones who opened the cannabis cafe. They were the first folks to open a cannabis dispensary in the neighborhood when medical marijuana was legalized. This marijuana company is passionate about all things cannabis. I know that’s why our local cannabis spot is considered one of the best cannabis dispensaries in our state. I’m just so blessed that I live just down the road. When recreational marijuana became legal, they were the first to expand their marijuana business. And I’m so very, very thankful that they did. They took over what had been a rundown diner and turned it into a cannabis cafe. It sits along a quiet, tree lined side street with cafe tables out front. There is also a charming little courtyard in the back of the cannabis cafe if you’re not into people watching from the street. This place has phenomenal pop and the most delicious cannabis edibles ever. Since the afternoon this place has opened, I have spent at least one day there resetting my head. Seriously, that’s what it feels like for me. I like to get there early for our first coffee on my morning off after another long week of work. Then, I nibble on a cannabis edible through the day while I chat with friends, read a book or just stick our face in the sunshine. These minutes at the cannabis cafe are indeed the reset I need after a grueling week doing what I do for a living.


Chilling at the cannabis cafe

Enjoying the trip to the cannabis dispensary

I can’t wait until the afternoon that I have a local cannabis spot.

That will be so attractive.

And I’m just eternally confident that this will indeed happen before too much longer. Our state got ever so close to passing medical marijuana during the last election cycle. And the new medical marijuana bill is even stronger than the last one so I think it will pass this time. I have an inflammatory condition that is managed quite charmingly with cannabis products. I’ve tried all the meds and done all the stuff the doctor wanted me to do but the results spoke for themselves. I was just not getting better. At best, I wasn’t getting worse as suddenly. That’s when I decided to look into alternative treatments and that led to some cannabis research. I mean, the human race has only been using some form of marijuana for the last 5000 years to treat conditions like mine. So it seemed clear that I needed to get some indica and sativa in our life. That means that I have to pack the car up for a two hour drive to a nearby state that allows for recreational marijuana. I can simply walk right into the cannabis dispensary to get the cannabis products that have been a complete game changer for me. And I make the best out of the trip to the closest marijuana business. There are plenty of other places along the way that I like to check out. So I make a 3 or 4 day weekend out of our trip to shop for marijuana for sale. I’m just so happy that I have access to the cannabis products that I need.

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