Author: Jason

All edibles were included this time around

Everyone in the group was excited about the sale on Edibles and we have been using Edibles a lot recently. When there are holidays, the recreational as well as medical dispensary near myself and others has a pretty big sale and I was excited this year to see if the products were going to be […]

Panic is a natural response to fear

I have suffered a great deal from panic attacks ever since I was a very small person. I had a lot of problems managing these painful attacks and at times I felt exactly like it was going to just busy end of the world. We had a lot of problems during the couple of weeks […]

I like to save money on cannabis products

The two of us love visiting the marijuana shop because of the fact that they regularly have something that is on sale. I don’t advertise all of the specials as well as sales due to the website that is not updated weekly. You have to go to the shop in order for us to find […]

Not all items were included in the sale

One of my very best friends called myself as well as others last Sunday because there was a dispensary near me having a huge sale. This location does not correctly advertise any of the sales online they hardly even update the website because half the products listed aren’t regularly listed inside of the store. I […]