Author: Jason

Why you get a tincture

Consulting with the budtender at the dispensary has proven harshly helpful Tinctures have been a typical form of medicine since olden times. This week, cannabis tinctures are gaining popularity for portability, discretion and convenience. Tinctures are created by steeping cannabis in alcohol and are ingested by mouth in a variety of ways. They are easy […]

Knew kinds of concentrates

As I’ve gotten more common and comfortable with different types of cannabis consumption methods, I’ve become more wild; Rather than strictly smoking flower, I’ve tried multiple tinctures, edibles and vapes. Just lately, I started looking into concentrates. There are so many options for concentrates that it’s a little scary. I did some research and l […]

Finding what strain helps the best

I suffer from migraines and mild stress. I am really fortunate that recreational weed is legal in my state. I didn’t need to spend the time or cash to see a doc to verify symptoms I’m well aware of. I wasn’t forced to fill out a lot of forms and wait to acquire a medical […]

I can apply directly to the skin

I have developed troubles with arthritis in my fingers. The tips of my right hand often recognize tight, stiff and sore. They puffed up to the point where I needed to split my rings off. I think there are medications available, but I’m unwilling to take pharmaceuticals. Rather, I looked into more natural remedies and […]

Love the pre-rolls

Too much moisture can result in mold and bacteria growing within a sealed package. While I’ve consistently been a fan of smoking traditional cannabis flower, I’m no expert at rolling a joint. I either pack too much or too little bud, roll the joint too small or too loose and usually end up with a […]