Membership of a cannabis shop

There is this rampant “membership rewards” program in most cannabis shops. Generally, I’m not into such things because they involve filling a form, and then carrying a card that is scanned at checkout.The idea of carrying an extra card around is a turn off! Last week I was at the pharmacy, and decided to purchase some candy. The charge exceeded the normal pay by a dollar because of the fact that I wasn’t a “rewards member.” Even so, there’s this one shop, I don’t mind joining their membership program, but it costs ten bucks a month. It is called the Platinum Club, and is offered by the local cannabis dispensary. Since I spend so much money on cannabis every month, it’s certainly worth spending a few extra bucks in this shop. With the Platinum Club, I get 10% off all the cannabis purchases, and at least 20% off all extras. This includes screens, rolling papers, and glassware. From this I have been able to save at least a hundred dollars monthly, but that’s not even the best part about the cannabis Platinum Club. I also get a weekly SMS update showing all the latest strains, edibles, & products the cannabis store is receiving that week. I have the option of reserving these cannabis products ahead of time, since they are always giving the Club members first selection of all the newest and greatest cannabis strains. Finally, I also get free home delivery services for all my orders from the cannabis dispensary. Although the delivery service itself is free, the driver’s tip isnt so I have to tip the cannabis delivery driver a little money.

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Getting the hybrid strain of cannabis known as Two Wolves

Each weekend my pals and I enjoy visiting the Res to have fun.

The Res is what we call the local Native American tribal reservation.

Many hundred years ago the US government settled with the indigenous people, plus ceded them some land; What’s interesting to me is that the Res, and all tribal lands, are considered to be sovereign and different from the rest of the country. They can make their own laws to suit their needs. We enjoy going to the Res because they have an amazing casino, and the best cannabis dispensary I’ve ever seen in my life. The cannabis shop on the Res is run by an old man called Ben, and each time I visit the location he is always present. I believe he is the only employee running the cannabis shop, or he is the owner and playing cheap to spend money for employees! I often visit the cannabis shop to get everything I need before going into the casino. I do this since by the time I leave the casino I am always broke. Therefore, it makes much more sense to purchase cannabis first. Failure to do this may mean driving home broke & sober, but also empty-handed. The last time I was in the Res cannabis shop, Ben told me he just got a new strain of locally cultivated sativa ‘’Two Wolves’’. He told me it was a certain hybrid cannabis flower, and that it would make me feel heavenly. He also made me promise to not smoke any of this cannabis before I got home, because it had the potential to make me too high to drive.



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Gains of dispensary membership

Being a member at any cannabis dispensary comes with its privileges just as the old TV commercial said years back.

I can only look at it in terms of the local cannabis sector.

I am a member of an exclusive club known as the Cannabis-plus. At first I wasn’t convinced enough to join since the monthly charges were discouraging as I had to pay thirty dollars each month to make you a member. Eventually though, I came to understand that it was a smart move financially, and it would benefit me in many other ways. As a member of the cannabis-plus club, I often get discounts on products, new and old. This includes the different weed strains and glassware. It also covers edibles with the newest flavors and other unique products. The other benefit is that I get free cannabis delivery on all my orders. This is not available for non-members who have to pay a minimum fee above the cost of the product for delivery. But for me, I get free delivery for everything, all the time. I always make sure to tip my cannabis delivery driver, since the membership omits this. Each week I receive an SMS from the cannabis dispensary with an explanation of the different new products they receive each week. This gives me the option to order what I need. I get the first priority on all new cannabis products which are perfect. I also get notified by text once there are “flash” sales going on at the cannabis shop. This has saved me a lot of money many times which is why I don’t mind paying for this service. This makes me feel like the most valued member of the cannabis dispensary team. Does your cannabis shop have a program like this?

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Friendly competition between the cannabis dispensaries

During the days that we sold weed from my car’s back, we had a fierce competition.

I was one of 30 people that sold cannabis in the region.

Like other industry players, I protected our client lists and our territory so much. In fact I used to carry a gun then, not because I feared that my clients would rob me, but because I wanted to protect myself from other cannabis dealers! Back then this was a big struggle for the market share but thankfully this has changed because of the legalization clearance. Since I saved enough cash during those weed-dealing days, I found a company partner with a lot of ease. I currently manage a local, legal cannabis shop. The competition was certainly going to be fierce, but I was prepared. Fortunately, I found the other cannabis shop owners to be polite and respectful. A lot has changed since then and the enterprise is more of a legit business! Cannabis may be our inventory of choice, but it’s still just a commodity and we appreciate this. In fact, we have learned that by working together and not against each other, our cannabis shops keep prospering. Over the summer time we collectively want to sponsor a Cannabis Fest in the downtown area. All of our cannabis dispensaries will have a representation in booths & tents. Besides that, we are also going to have bands playing live songs all weekend. Also present will be food trucks, prizes & giveaways, as well as free samples of new cannabis products. Since none of the local cannabis dispensaries is able to do this alone, working together should be profitable for everyone. Feel free to come along to the Cannabis Fest later this summer.


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How we hired our new budtenders

A chain is only as strong as the weakest link, or so they say. This phrase has been on the wall of my office door and has been a reminder to keep me focused. I own this great store that runs perfectly because of the component staff working for me. I believe that one poor employee has the capacity to destroy what the whole team has built through hard work which is why I dont play when it comes to my hiring practices. I also hold people to a strict high standard. This may appear odd to many but as the owner of a cannabis shop I need people with a laser-focus because unlike many others, I don’t smoke the weed but simply sell it. Over the weekends, or whenever I travel, then I can enjoy some cannabis, but never during working hours at the shop. In the same manner, I do not expect my employees to get high at work. While it surprises many that someone working at a cannabis dispensary would never get stoned, it is something I require and expect from my staff during working hours. I need them to be very alert when managing the cannabis shop. My team should always be professional, so all the people who visit us know we are serious about quality cannabis, as well as quality customer service! To guarantee that my budtenders stay motivated and sober, I give them a monthly bonus of free cannabis to enjoy away from the shop. All they have to do is be on time, stay sober, for an entire month, and I give them $110 worth of any cannabis, whichever strain they choose. After all, good morale at work helps to keep the team happy and connected.

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