Keeping edibles in the golf bag

My best friend Kenny asked me to be his caddy for a weekend tournament.

I guess it’s important to note that I don’t play golf, and know very little about the game.

Kenny plays several times a week, and it is more than a hobby to him, it’s a passion. He got invited to a very exclusive tournament upstate, and wanted me to be his partner. The caddy carries the bag and hands the player the clubs he needs, but what Kenny really needed was a friend to keep him calm. Kenny was prone to anxiety, and he felt if I was there, and had a full supply of cannabis with me, then he had a better chance of winning. I was happy to help him, especially since subtlety would be of the essence because cannabis is not allowed on the golf course. One of the best aspects of cannabis for me is the strong, pungent odor of the smoke, but this very quality meant we couldn’t smoke joints. I have a small vape pen I can fill with small doses of potent cannabis oil, and this generates no odor at all, just a little wisp of vapor. The most important thing to bring was cannabis edibles, because there is no more discreet way of getting high. My job as caddy had very little to do with the golf clubs, and everything to do with supplying him the right dosage of edibles at the right time to keep him “in the zone.” It wound up being one heck of a weekend.


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Have you ever tried growing cannabis?

During the COVID lockdown I tried my hand at growing weed.

  • I quickly learned that I was terrible at it.

I had always assumed it would be easy. Isn’t that why they call it “weed” in the first place, because it grows so wildly? This is not the case at all, and growing pot was too hard for me to master. I actually had to spend a few weeks high and dry, because everything was shut down and I had no access to weed! Then I was thrown a lifeline, when the local cannabis dispensary started offering “contact-free” home delivery. This ended up being amazing for two different reasons. First, I never had to worry about going with cannabis again, because the place was open 18 hours a day! Second, the cannabis dispensary was overbooked and understaffed, and actively looking for new delivery drivers. I jumped at the chance to start driving for the cannabis dispensary. It was fun, I got to meet a lot of cool people, the pay was good, and best of all I got an employee discount on everything I bought at the cannabis dispensary! By the time the COVID lockdown was completely over I was working full time for the cannabis dispensary. I quit my other job, and this “side hustle” became my only job. Now that I have a regular circuit of customers that I see every week, I need to buy less cannabis for myself. Instead of tipping me with money, most people give me a cannabis gratuity, so I have a huge Mason jar stuffed full with various strains of marijuana.

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My ex applied for a job at my cannabis store

When I was in college to study architecture I fell in love with a guy named Max. Max was tall, rugged, and handsome, and also an ace in architecture class. He swept me off my feet, so to speak, and the next six months are kind of a blur. Then he dumped me, right out of the blue, and started dating my roommate. I changed schools soon after, and had not seen nor heard from Max in over a decade. Two weeks ago I was at work when Max walked through the front door. He didn’t know I worked at the cannabis dispensary, this was a total accident, and it brought back a flood of memories. I immediately went into the office of the cannabis dispensary and let the other budtenders deal with Max. He was here for about an hour, setting up a new account and getting his information and payment plan set up in the cannabis dispensary database. The state always tracks cannabis sales for individual users, basically to make sure that people aren’t buying it to sell illegally. Max proved to be very popular with my staff, and when he left they told me he had applied for a job here at the cannabis dispensary. We were looking for a new security guard, because our business had increased and we needed more of a presence at the cannabis dispensary. Max came in for an interview the next week, and we had been talking for about ten minutes when I realized he had no idea who I was. I kicked him out of the cannabis dispensary and told him never to come back.

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Surfing, golf, and cannabis

When I lived on the coast I was a surfer. I loved surfing, and did it as often as I could. Then I moved into the middle of the country, and surfing was no longer an option. This may surprise you, but I took up golf instead, and found a lot of similarities between the two. This may sound a little crazy, but surfing and golf are both very focused and individual pursuits. I can shut out the entire world and focus only on what I am doing at that moment. It is the only time I am truly care-free and happy. Golf and surfing also both benefit greatly from cannabis, and I get stoned every time before I play. Openly smoking cannabis at the golf course is a surefire way to get yourself banned from ever playing there again, so I have to be careful. Usually I keep a vape pen on me, so I can take a quick puff of cannabis oil here and again without anyone being able to smell it. I also pop a couple of edibles during the course of play, trying to layer them to maintain a nice, steady buzz throughout the entire match. Between the cannabis edibles and the vape pen I tend to breeze through 18 holes of play and stay nice and high throughout. On the way back home is when I break out the real cannabis, and enjoy a big fat spliff before I get home to the wife and kids. Just like at the golf course, I never smoke cannabis inside my house.
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Growing weed is harder than you think

I am not a rich man, but that’s only because I spend so much of my money on weed.

I plan on turning a corner soon, and harvesting my own crops, and then all that time and money will pay off in a huge amount of cannabis.

I never knew the growing process was this long and involved! The cops and religious types make it sound like weed just grows wildly all over the place. This is not true at all, and it takes dedication and a surprising amount of science to successful harvest quality cannabis. I have been working on producing good quality cannabis for over a year now, and hope to finally get some positive results. I didn’t want to give up when things got rough – if I did that I never would get good at anything – so as I worked on my crops I kept buying weed from the cannabis dispensary. I love the cannabis dispensary, it has amazing products far above anything I will ever be able to grow. On the other hand, it is super expensive, and by my estimation one successful cannabis crop at home will save me about a thousand dollars at the dispensary. More to the point, after I have cultivated a successful cannabis crop it will be much easier to replicate the process in the future. Growing marijuana plants requires a lot of trial and error, and I have put in my fair share of errors. All I need is one big success, and I can save money on cannabis for a long time to come.

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