Author: Jason

Jack told me about the in store sale

My best friend Jack Works downtown at a marijuana dispensary. Every once in a while, the store has a sale that they do not advertise online. When they have a sale or special that is really good, Jack will give me a call to see if it is something that I want. Last week all […]

We went hiking and Jack brought good cannabis

My best friend Jack and I go hiking together all of the time. Both of us enjoy being outside. My girlfriend doesn’t like to leave the house unless she is going to be in the car or somewhere where there will be an air conditioner. She does not believe that being outdoors is fun so […]

Cannabis strains come in three different types

The cannabis sativa plant grows very well and climates that are relatively dry and warm. The plant requires lots of heat and sunlight. Water is also necessary for good growth of the stem and the leaves. Cannabis sativa plants are available in many different strains or varieties. There are three main types of cannabis strains. […]