Author: Jason

I miss cannabis flower

I’ve been shopping for weed at the local dispensary for a few years. At the start, I was excited to try out all of the peculiar consumption methods. I sampled a variety of edibles, obtained tinctures and topicals and had some fun with vape carts. At last, I went right back to smoking flower. I […]

Helping me with sleep

Ever since turning 55, I’ve had difficulty sleeping. I struggle to fall asleep at night and wake up every couple of hours. I then realized I was tired all afternoon. I was unwilling to rely on prescription sleeping methods and suffer the harmful and long-term side-effects of pharmaceuticals. When a neighbor advised cannabis, I wasn’t […]

A good edbile or two

When I have some free time available on a Friday night or Wednesday afternoon, I love making the trip to the dispensary. I look forward to their biweekly deals, biweekly specials and ever-changing selection of products. While I adore checking out the colors and fragrances of the flower, multiple concentrates and topicals, my number one […]

Worried about my lungs

I’ve frequented the local store ever since recreational cannabis was legalized in my state. I obtained either leafy, dried flower or pre-rolls. I wasn’t interested in getting all that adventurous with consumption methods. I love the process of smoking and find it relaxing. I do, but, concerned about the potential harm of carcinogens on my […]

Experimenting and learning

Before making my first stop at the dispensary, I did some looking into cannabis consumption methods. I wanted to be smart before consulting with a budtender and making a purchase. While recreational cannabis is now readily available in my state, the products are quite expensive. I was reluctant to waste my cash or be subjected […]