50% CBD oil and 50% THC is the perfect combination

Although I have a lot of interest in the medical benefits of cannabis, I had a few bad experiences when I was younger that have made me afraid of trying it again.

  • The first time I had strong weed, it made me feel almost like I did years later when I tried psilocybin mushrooms for the first time.

And since I was with friends who were teasing me because they found it amusing, I was soured on the experience. Another time trying it with a different group of friends resulted in me leaving the party early because I couldn’t handle the state of mind the weed put me in. This kept me from using marijuana for years, however all of the articles I read online made me reconsider. I remember seeing a documentary about medical marijuana on CNN at a single point and it chipped away at some of the biases against the plant. Lucky for me, my state just legalized medical marijuana. I recently got a card from the state and a recommendation from a certified marijuana physician, however I am still finding the cannabis products that I like the most. Some products that are high in THC can be overwhelming for new users like me. When I discovered ratio products that contain half and half blends of CBD and THC oil, I was in heaven. Finally I could get the benefit of THC without the crazy head high when it’s taken alone. I didn’t realize how bad my moods were each day until these cannabis ratio products gave me so much calmness that I had never felt before.

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