A baby’s life changed for good after marijuana was used to treat her seizures

I worked in the pediatric department in the hospital as a nurse that took care of the sick. I have seen many cases where kids came in a terrible state, but due to the teamwork of all medical professionals, they leave the hospital in total health. Unfortunately, not all cases are that successful, but we try our best to ensure comfortable kids. I remember one case that moved all of us to tears. Baby Kelly was brought in at three months old, weak and suffering. He had constant seizures due to the epileptic disease he suffered. Our best pediatric specialist took the case and gave it her all. After three weeks with no results, she could not watch the baby surfer anymore. She started exploring alternative medication with the hope that the baby would get better. Fortunately, our state had favorable medical marijuana regulations, which meant that it was something that we could pursue legally. The doctor discussed the possibilities of trying this treatment with the parents, and they were desperate to find a solution. The doctor explained how medical cannabis would work and the doses that she would administer. It was going to be a gradual introduction and more observation. There was a small CBD store around the hospital’s corner, and the parents would get the prescribed cannabis products as directed by the doctor. Baby Kelly’s condition improved in just two months. The seizures lessened, and he was about to be discharged since he could survive without urgent medical attention. Unfortunately, just when we were about to celebrate the breakthrough and cannabis benefits, the baby had a massive heart attack and could not make it. Even so, the parents were happy that the hospital had given their best for their child.

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