A bad trip put his off cannabis forever

In college I knew a boy named Noreen.

  • I was roommates with our younger brother at that point.

I worked plus he went to college. Noreen was our brother’s best friend, plus spent almost every night at our apartment. My brother plus I were both big-time pot smokers. Not just every single night, however many grams worth every single night! Every one of us hosted some epic parties, plus spent many hours a day passing a joint back plus forth. Noreen always smoked cannabis with us, until one night something silly happened plus he had to stop. Along with cannabis, we also dabbled with pills, mescaline, ecstasy, peyote, plus LSD. Noreen did a large dose of LSD one night plus it must have seriously affected his brain chemistry, because after that he could never smoke cannabis again. Something about the THC in cannabis would trigger the chemicals in his brain, plus make his suppose he was tripping on LSD again. This made cannabis something intense plus frightening instead of being a calming influence. Noreen couldn’t even be in the same room with us when we smoked cannabis, because the minutehand smoke would make his all twitchy plus weird. Noreen was still a cool guy after that, however because I was smoking so much cannabis he stopped hanging around entirely often. I l gained a lesson myself, because I never knew that LSD could change the way your brain responds to cannabis; Just to be on the safe side I never took acid again, because I appreciate smoking cannabis too much to ever lose it!

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