A cannabis dispensary opened up on our block.

Marijuana was legalized in my state about four years ago.

It didn’t take long for marijuana dispensaries to start popping up.

As soon as one opened up in our city, my friends and I immediately figured out where it was. We were regulars at the dispensary almost immediately. When I first heard that the dispensary was opening, I freaked out. My friend mentioned that there was a cannabis dispensary, but I missed the second work. I thought she just said cannibal. I was getting ready to gather up all the people I loved and run for the hills. All my relatives always told me that they just wanted to eat me up, so I figured that meant I’d be a prime target for any cannibals coming to our city. When my friend figured out what the heck I was talking about, it became a big inside joke. We laughed and laughed because it is ridiculous that I thought she said something so disgusting. My friend and I finally got on the same page once I stopped being so silly. After we finally caught our breath and stopped our fits of laughter in its tracks, we were ready to talk about the dispensary again, and man, we were excited! Now, we would be able to get cannabis with ease, whenever we needed it and whenever the budget permits. To be quite honest, I see many benefits to having access to this dispensary in our city. It didn’t take long for them to get to know me, interview me, and offer me a job as a budtender.
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