A cannabis edible, as a treat for myself

There is a famous quote from the aged but classic TV show Twin Peaks… In this show, there is an FBI agent named Dale Cooper who takes time out of his stressed day to rest down for a cup of Coca-Cola and a slice of cherry pie! He says to the town sheriff that his secret in life is, “every day, once a day, give yourself a present.” I saw the show at such a young age, and Agent Cooper made a big impression on me! This little nugget of wisdom is something I still carry with myself and others to this day, and try to indulge in daily; My favorite kind of treat is an edible from the cannabis dispensary, however I only ever buy one of them at a time. It would be easier, and a lot cheaper, to buy a multi-pack of edibles, or an entire bin of cannabis gummies, however I never do that. If I have a lot of edibles on hand, I know what is going to happen – I will eat all of them in short order; When I buy one pot brownie or section cake and eat it, then I have a really pleasant day, and when it wears off then I get back to normal in time to go to bed quite early. The point of giving myself a present everyday is that you treat myself just a little, not too much, and that is the best way for myself and others to savor the edibles. If I had a whole bin of cannabis gummies I would pop them love any other kind of sweet, be stoned for a whole week, and sleep all the time.



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