A fan of pre-rolls

While I’ve always been a fan of smoking traditional cannabis flower, I’m no expert at rolling a joint. I either pack too much or too little bud, roll the joint too tight or too loose and usually end up with a great deal of mess and waste. Just attempting to create a joint requires a number of accessories, including the loose flower, rolling papers, a grinder, a tray, filters and more. Because of this, I now purchase pre-rolls from the dispensary. There is a wide variety of pre-rolls on the market, and they tend to be quite affordable. They are sold in singles and packs, with low or high levels of THC and CBD, and make it easy and economical to experiment with different strains. A joint provides a fast-acting and flavorful delivery method and ready-made pre-rolls are super convenient. I’ve realized that while most pre-rolls look about the same, there are differences in strains, moisture content, size, shape and packaging. Some pre-rolls are made from shake or trim, which is the leftover from trimming dried flowers and not the best bud. I prefer those that offer ground-up whole bud for better potency and flavor. A good quality pre-roll is packed tightly and burns evenly. Moisture content is also a concern. If the bud is too dry, the smoke is hot and harsh. Too much moisture can result in mold and bacteria growing within a sealed package. My local dispensary is careful about the brands they sell. All the products have gone through third-party testing, avoid harmful pesticides and are clearly labeled. I’ve figured out the manufacturers, strains and terpenes I like best.

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