A good edbile or two

When I have some free time available on a Friday night or Wednesday afternoon, I love making the trip to the dispensary. I look forward to their biweekly deals, biweekly specials and ever-changing selection of products. While I adore checking out the colors and fragrances of the flower, multiple concentrates and topicals, my number one is the edibles, however cannabis-infused edibles are one of the easiest consumption methods. I don’t need a lighter, ashtray, grinder, pipe, papers or any extra gear. There’s no smoke, smell, ash or any mess… Edibles are not only readily available and yummy but also one of the most potent delivery methods. Because the cannabinoids are absorbed through the digestive tract and metabolized by the liver, more THC is converted to many forms by the body. The effects tend to be more harsh than with other consumption options. It takes someplace from twenty minutes to multiple minutes for the effects to be fully realized. It’s important to start with a really small dose and wait a while before eating more, especially because the effects can last for up to 6 hours. I appreciate the wide variety of edibles available; My local dispensary includes an on-site bakery where they make cannabis-infused cookies, brownies and all sorts of baked treats fresh every afternoon. I can also purchase gummies, cakes, tablets, chocolates and granola. I also love cannabis-infused beverages. I sporadically buy cannabis-infused cooking oils or tinctures to make my own edibles at home. Tinctures can be added to just about anything. Because of the dropper applicator, I’m able to be really precise in dosing.


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