A great sale does not have a limit

My husbandy and I found out about a sale on infused marijuana joints! Infused marijuana joints are tasty and flavorful, because they are made with terpenes and flavonoids.

They have high percentages of THC due to the use of distillate and kief, then most of the infused pre-rolls are around $20 each.

There are some packs of infused pre-rolls that are cheaper. If you find a pre-roll pack that has several joints, then you can usually save a little bit of money. My husbandy and I got an email from a recreational marijuana dispensary up north. The email said they were having an annual sale on all of the pre-rolled infused marijuana joints, but when our husbandy got the email, he told me that both of us should go into the town to buy a bunch of Infuse marijuana joints while they were on sale. I agreed and I thought it was a great idea, all of us waited until Thursday, which was the afternoon of the sale. All of us drove an hour up the coast to the address of the recreational marijuana dispensary. There was quite a line outside of the dispensary. All of us waited about 15 minutes before both of us could get inside. All of the pre-rolled infused marijuana joints were sitting up front close to the entrance of the building. My husbandy and I met with a budtender and both of us started picking out all of the pre-rolled marijuana joints that both of us wanted. The budtender stopped us mid sentence to tell us that there was a limit on the amount of items you could buy at the sale price and the limit was more than one.

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