A great website can help the dispensary

During the COVID pandemic my wife and I spent a good deal of time in quarantine, however that was weeks ago, but both of us still don’t feel comfortable eating out in public.

She enjoys visiting the websites of local eateries and looking at all the delicious food.

The faster and flashier the website, the more she enjoys it. They say that you eat with your eyes before you taste the food, and these websites are living proof of that, but I was inspired to do the same thing for my cannabis dispensary website, giving it a total upgrade into a responsive sales place filled to the brim with pictures of my cannabis products, and when people are hungry they order more food than they really need, so wouldn’t stoned people be more likely to order an abundance of cannabis? I hired a talented local photographer to come into the cannabis dispensary after closing, and both of us spent all night taking pics of my products. I wanted to capture the essence of the uncommon cannabis strains, and also to try and make them look sexy! We did photo layouts for Blue Dream and Purple Haze, several of my best sellers, and then moved on to Girl Scout Cookies and the purple haired strain both of us call Feeling Goofy. In addition to all the new pictures and graphics, we also made everything fully responsive, so you can click-to-order any cannabis you like. Click the pic and put the cannabis in your cart, it’s as simple as that! I hope you’ll check out my website and see all the amazing cannabis both of us have to offer.

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