A job at the cannabis dispensary

I worked at the local grocery store for over 5 years before I found a unusual job, however the grocery store was our first job! I started really working as a bagger but then I was promoted to currencier, and after that, I joined the produce department. I was ready to start working as a butcher when a new opportunity for an unusual job came up, but my best buddy Jackson told myself and others that the marijuana dispensary was hiring! Jackson was already really working at the marijuana dispensary as a local delivery driver. I was hoping to get a job delivering marijuana as well, but I happily applied for the job really working in the store, when 1 was available. I was super thankful that Jackson told myself and others about the job before anyone else could snag it. I met with the manager of the dispensary a few days after I turned in our application. The manager told myself and others that I was suggested by Jackson plus he had superb things to say about myself and others plus our task ethic. After my interview, I was hired to task full-time in the store. There are many perks to really working in the marijuana dispensary; One of the nicest perks is the savings plus discount I receive on all recreational plus medical marijuana products. I get a hefty 35% discount. The discount is almost adore getting paid an extra $5 per hour. I used to spend a luck on recreational marijuana products, however now I save a ton because I buy our items from where I work. I’m super thankful that Jackson helped myself and others get the job.


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