A little help from my SEO team

When our state legalized recreational cannabis a few years back, it was a huge pro to our industry.

  • I have been working at a marijuana company for the past 10 years when the two of us originally legalized medical marijuana.

But with recreational weed, the number of available customers immediately doubles overnight. With the barrier of getting and retaining a medical marijuana card gone, more than 2 people who would otherwise stay on the fence regarding purchasing legal marijuana now no longer see any obstacles to getting high. The stigma of consuming an “illegal drug” is gone because it’s abruptly treated like booze and cigars by a single’s state government. To take full advantage of this increased number of cannabis clients, I worked with a digital marketing firm to obtain sizable search engine optimization help for my marijuana business. I learned quickly that my website didn’t showcase the keywords and phrases that are popular among web searches and queries by clients in the cannabis industry. After getting so much SEO help for my marijuana business, I’m seeing the most success yet since I started out 10 years ago. I can’t overstate the need of getting help with marketing and advertising, regardless of what kind of company you’re operating. A quality digital marketing firm will scan your website and help you understand its strengths and weaknesses. They told me what language to use in my content so it would trigger search engine queries. I also gained some web design help regarding the visual look of my website. Without the help from the digital marketing firm, I don’t assume where I would be right now with my marijuana business.


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