A lot of cannabis workers are not experts with their products

There are a fair amount of tasks where I wouldn’t expect the employees to be professionals regarding all of their contractor’s products & services.

There is a huge difference between a cashier at the grocery store & a waiter at a diner.

While the latter spends most of their shift recording orders & making suggestions based on the menu offerings, the former usually scans items & processes payments. It’s no shock that cashiers often look at me like a deer in the headlights when I ask them about a unique product & what aisle I can find it in. I care about it when someone is willing to go out of their way to help me with a complication I’m having trying to find something I need on the shelves. I definitely run into similar complications when I’m shopping at the local cannabis shop. You expect cannabis budtenders to be trained & understand most, if not all of the products that happen to be in the store, however numerous are just glorified cashiers who are trained to utilize the register. They scan your products & accept your money. But at times I need help finding a strain that’s going to work well for my unique ailments. If there are all of these strains at the cannabis shop I haven’t tried yet, it can help to ask the budtender if they’ve experienced any of them personally. Other times I want them to scan the item & show me the terpene percentage on the lab report results. This can also provide information on which terpenes happen to be dominant, something that can tell me if I’ll prefer a unique strain or not in varying cases.

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