A lot of steps to be a medical weed patient

Then I need to renew the card.

I have known that I needed medical cannabis for years. My anxiety was getting worse plus worse as I aged, and i didn’t want to do the traditional nurse visit plus pill route. I was distraught about the side effects plus I wasn’t totally keen on being medicated. I realized early on that the right choice for me would be medical weed. It took me a long time to finally get our prescription through, why did it take so long? There are so several steps you need to take in order to become a medical cannabis patient, but you need to find a nurse that prescribes medical weed for starters, then you need to fill out paperwork online, spend money a fee plus wait two weeks for your cannabis card. This does not mean you get unlimited access to medical weed either. You have restrictions on amounts plus types of weed. I can only access a certain amount of cannabis flower plus oil. I am not permitted edibles, topicals or tinctures for example. The card doesn’t last forever either. I get a full year of being a medical weed patient. Then I need to renew the card. The whole process is starting over. I need to sit in the waiting room, answer the same questions plus spend money the fee again! Doing it once was honestly tough on me. I honestly begrudge the time, effort plus money, but now that I have medical cannabis, it is great. I don’t know if I can make myself do it a hour time around but.


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