A lucky chop leads me to the cannabis shop

I don’t have a bank account, so every Friday when I get my paycheck I go to the local grocery store to money it.

This is a really nice grocery store, and they only charge me two dollars for turning my paycheck into money.

This is much easier than dealing with a bank, which has a lot of rules and requirements. Last Friday my check was larger than usual, because of a holiday bonus. When I moneyed it, I decided to take a risk and spend a few dollars on lottery tickets. I bought scratch-offs, and then stood at the counter and diagnosed them all; Hot damn, if I didn’t win $400! I took my extra money and went right away to the local cannabis dispensary. Since I live paycheck-to-paycheck I rarely have twenty cents to spare, nevertheless this kind of windfall, so I wanted to buy some premium cannabis and have a killer weekend. My largest complication when going into the cannabis shop is getting distracted and dazzled by the hundreds of amazing products. I usually love to buy a premium cannabis strain and smoke it up, but since I had a little extra money in my pocket I opted for variety. I bought a few grams of killer cannabis, although I also bought a package of cannabis edibles, and a rice krispie treat infused with THC. Between all the booze and cannabis I don’t remember too much about the weekend, although I do remember it was an awesome time! I still have a few of those cannabis edibles left over.

Cannabis edibles