A successful cannabis dispensary needs wonderful security

You might question why the evening security watchman for the cannabis dispensary would need to carry a gun, and this is a un-biased question, however there is also a un-biased answer… My name is Duke, as well as I’ve been following all the latest chatter on the forum, since people were talking about the security at dispensaries I thought I would weigh in with my expert opinion.

I am the head security guard for my local dispensary as well as have been for many years.

When I labor a day shift, I never bring a gun into the medical cannabis dispensary sales area. When the medical cannabis shop is open for business, the weapon is kept inside a locked gun safe in the store room… After hours, when I am all alone in the medical cannabis store, that’s when I wear the gun on my side. Many of our shoppers costly themselves medical cannabis experts, as well as think volumes of data about the strains they smoke. There is more to cannabis education than the weed, let myself and others tell you! People need to get cannabis information about the dealer itself, as well as the dangers that surround it, then for example, the federal government still has restrictions about the sale of medical cannabis, which is why you regularly have to pay cash for it. In an all-cash business, you run the risk of being targeted by thieves, as well as this is doubly true for a cannabis dispensary. Armed robbers care about to steal from cannabis dispensaries, because of the high amount of cash as well as the fact that cops don’t actually seem to care.


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