A survivalist friend of mine grows killer cannabis

I am friends with a really weird dude named Slim.

I should add that he and I aren’t exactly “friends” per se, but two people with shared interests.

Slim is what you would call a survivalist. He has a cabin outside of town which he has fortified in case the world comes to an end. You’ve heard of the TV show called Doomsday Preppers, right? Slim is one of those people, convinced that society will collapse any day now. I don’t agree with Slim’s view of the world, but I can’t argue with his preparation. When the area got slammed with a major hurricane, I went over to Slim’s house to ride it out. He had food, water, and enough cannabis on hand to last for several years. No one said doomsday preppers couldn’t also be cannabis preppers! Along with growing patches of veggies and medicinal herbs, Slim also maintains a large group of cannabis plants. To a guy like Slim, cannabis is as vital a resource as food or water. Not only because he likes to smoke cannabis, but because it is something that can be bartered or exchanged for other things. When you live off the grid like this, cannabis is as good as currency. Slim is my regular cannabis dealer, but he is also the dude I turn to when I am in trouble. It’s great to hang out with him during major weather events, because he has a power generator, a water purifier, and several pounds worth of homegrown cannabis in reserve. That is the right way to prepare for a doomsday!

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