A themed cannabis night

The meal was so delicious

Seafood night is a very big night in our home. My partner goes hog wild for it. We have a guy that gets his hands on fresh seafood. I buy salmon from him, scallops and shrimp. The shrimp are almost as big as my thumb. The scallops are big and full. The salmon smells just like saltwater. It is so fresh. What I do is drizzle an orange flavored oil over the salmon and rub it with seasoning. I have a rub that has traces of cannabis in it. Then I bake the salmon in the oven for around 15 minutes. While that is going on I pan fry our shrimp and scallops in a CBD cooking oil. I then throw garlic, lemon, onion powder, cannabutter and shredded parmesan into the pan. It creates a cheesy, messy cannabis goo. The last is that I pick a vegetable like squash or zucchini and use the cannabis cooking oil once again. My whole meal has traces of cannabis in it. The cannabutter creates a delicious taste on the shrimp and scallops. The seasoning on the salmon tastes so fresh. My veggies with the cannabis oil typically taste absolutely wonderful too. My partner and I usually stuff ourselves. The meal was so delicious. None of the cannabis products are going to get us high as a kite. We just recognize absolutely relaxed and sleepy at the end of the night, and perfect yes? I enjoy that it winds me down in the afternoons and provides me a wonderful night of sleep. The meal is so scrub and I feel good the next afternoon too.

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