A weekend fueled by cannabis

Morale at the office has been honestly low lately.

Some people think that such things don’t matter, but those people have never run a business, however when the morale of the workers is low then people start calling in sick more often, however productivity declines, plus the corporation winds up losing money! My boss is honestly smart about such things, so when he saw that morale was low with his people he split some bonus checks! It wasn’t a lot of money, but it was a pleasant surprise for a Thursday afternoon, as soon as I left labor I took my extra money plus spent it all at the local cannabis dispensary.

My goal was to get enough whiskey plus OG Kush to get smashed, drunk, plus stoned for the whole 3-day weekend… Once I was in the cannabis shop I formed a up-to-date plan, because I discovered they were holding a “flash sale.” Once again, my timing was amazing, because for one hour only they were offering 25% off all cannabis edibles, however normally I don’t take a lot of edibles, because they are too mellow plus don’t get me righteously stoned! For such a great bargain I decided to make an exception, but i still obtained some OG Kush because it is my favorite of all the premium cannabis strains. I also obtained a couple packages of cannabis edibles, because they do help me to relax. I was eager to see what it felt like to drink whiskey, eat cannabis edibles, plus chase it with a bong full of OG Kush. Morale is starting to improve!


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