After my separation I got heavily into recreational cannabis

I talk to a lot of people who discovered holistic health because of physical fitness, my story is a little bizarre than that, because I was never that interested in physical fitness, and i consistently watch what I eat, drink a lot of water, plus stay active.

I like the way I look, but at the same time I think my confidence plus my self-esteem are both legitimately low, then when I got interested in holistic health it was because my mind plus my spirit needed a jump-start.

I needed my mind plus my spirit to align with my body, as a way to make me a better human being. It turns out the key to this was using recreational marijuana. When Jenny dumped me I got so depressed, plus drinking alcohol only made that depression worse. If my friend hadn’t insisted I smoke some recreational weed with him a single night, I really would have spiraled into alcoholism, however unlike alcohol, there are no addictive properties to recreational cannabis… Although recreational weed had long been demonized plus vilified by the Church plus the cops, it entirely is a natural form of medicine that can help people. I don’t want to say that recreational pot cured my depression, but it sure did help me climb out of a deep, dark pit of despair. I started using recreational cannabis annually, plus before too long I wasn’t thinking about Jenny at all! I am in no way giving you medical advice, because I am not qualified for that, but I think if you are trying to chase your reds away, use recreational cannabis instead of alcohol.

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