All dispensaries are different

I have found that not all cannabis dispensaries are created equal.

I kind of thought walking into a recreational weed store would be like going into a Subway or Burger King.

Once you have seen one, you have seen them all. Apparently not though. There are low end cannabis stores that sell vapes, CBD products and basic accessories to smoke. This is like a gas station set up. The worker makes minimum wage and is in no way qualified to be making any advice. You can then go all the way up to a high end cannabis dispensary that has a dab bar or a vape lounge. You will have your pick of what strain you want and look through a wide variety of things to smoke. These are where the budtenders are actually qualified to give advice. They have probably taken courses on cannabis 101, being a budtender and the growing process. These cannabis dispensaries typically grow the cannabis themselves or source from a local grower. That is cool knowing exactly where your weed is coming from. It seems safer and cleaner. Of course you are paying way more for luxuries like concentrates and pictures being available. But wouldn’t you rather pay more for a better quality of product? I feel anything I put in my body should be the best quality. I pay for organic food, the best cut of meat and the best kind of cannabis. I don’t want any shady, gross looking weed going into me if I can help it.

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