All for marijuana businesses around here

The fight for legal marijuana is won.

  • The state I live in finally saw the light & any adult can now legally shop at any cannabis dispensary.

This was a long time coming & a superb fight won. The state just wasn’t going to turn down the tax upgrade windfall that recreational marijuana use would bring. And medical marijuana went so well, there just weren’t that many downsides. Sure, there are those who still cling to myths & disinformation about marijuana & marijuana products. And most of those people also disagree with recreational marijuana use based on a political stance as well. But they are now very much in the minority. The two of us are seeing this is communities across the entire country as more & more recreational marijuana use is legalized. For me, I’m blissful that people have access to marijuana for sale at the local cannabis spot. And I don’t use cannabis at all. However, I very much pro local business. While I think there will be a important corporate marijuana situation, I adore the fact that local marijuana supplier is booming. I’m all for anyone being able to follow a passion & make a residing at it as well. There are so many local marijuana growers who are now able to legally benefit from their passion. To me, that makes for the best in business. I wholeheartedly endorse our local cannabis spot. Who knows, I might even go in there for a marijuana edible 1 day. But until that happens, I’m sure delighted that those who love recreational marijuana can get the marijuana products they seek.


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