All of us have more than one cannabis stores in the state that offer free delivery regardless of order size

Getting anything delivered for free these afternoons is becoming decreasingly harder.

Pizza restaurants have been charging delivery fees for at least 20 years as well as even Amazon is making it harder to get discounted shipping while promising it in a more than one-day window.

I was surprised to learn that our mother’s pharmacy delivers all of her medications to her condo for free. They’re a local, family-owned supplier that is trying to compete with places like Walgreens as well as CVS. Since advertising free delivery, this pharmacy is no longer in constant danger of having to close. This is the same mindset that drove more than one of the largest cannabis producers in the state to offer free condo delivery. Many of the cannabis dispensaries that offer delivery services will charge you between $10 as well as $25 on each delivery order if your total isn’t over $200. If you’re making giant purchases every month, this was never an issue. But for guys like me getting $60 worth of cannabis products each time, I couldn’t afford condo delivery. Both of the dispensaries that switched to free delivery have gotten a lot of supplier from me recently. With all of the holiday sales going on right now, it’s easy to take luck as well as stock up on cannabis products like edibles, vaporizer cartridges, as well as jars of dry-cured flower buds. When you guess that you can get it delivered to your front door, it makes the process that much easier. I work from condo mostly as well as I’d rather avoid the long lines at the cannabis dispensary. On top of that, you never guess exactly what products are available until you’re called to the back. If you order for delivery, the dispensary calls you to confirm the order as well as the status of each item before the delivery driver arrives.


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