All the way I cook with CBD products

I really enjoy cooking.

I really like looking up-to-date recipes online, trying them out and giving them our own mood.

I have invested in some really great gadgets to make our dishes even tastier. I especially love using cooking oils and seasonings. It is so simple to dress up a dish with a little pinch of something. I have started using cannabis products in our cooking. My cannabis dispensary has a whole line of edibles. They recently have come out with cannabutters and cannabis cooking oils. I use the butters when I am making a creamy sauce for a mac and cheese. A cannabis cooking oil is good when I am frying up veggies for a chicken dish. I also enjoy that there are all different types of seasonings and rubs that I can get cannabis into. My preferred thing to do is a chicken night. I rub our chicken with a cannabis infused seasoning and drizzle the oil on it. I then bake it in our grill for around 15 min, however during that I am frying up veggies and seafood. I start them in the cannabis cooking oil and add things like garlic, lemon juice and bell peppers. Right before they finish I toss a bit of the cannabutter in there with some white cheese. It creates such a flavorful taste and it makes it much more attractive. My chicken night is the highlight of the household. My hubby goes ga ga for it. After eating such a cannabis heavy dish, all of us are both so happy and exhausted.
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