An awesome discovery at the cannabis dispensary

You never know what kind of awesome thing you will discover at the cannabis dispensary.

I used to place my order online, then swing by the drive-through window to pick it up. I always went to the same store, and ordered the same stuff, which in retrospect seems pretty boring. That was a long time ago, and now I have a completely different perspective. Cannabis dispensaries receive new and exciting products every single week, and by not going inside I totally missed out on them! I also wasn’t aware that the cannabis dispensary had a sale table, where they had older items discounted to a very low price. To be clear, the sale table is not the place to get the freshest cannabis strains of the most exciting vape accessories. The sale table is where they stick all the cannabis products that no one wanted to pay full price for! The longer someone sits on the sale table, the lower the prices get, which is how I scored a six-pack of cannabis fruit drinks for three bucks. The cannabis drinks were supposed to expire the following day, so they had been marked down 90% from the original price! That was too good a deal to refuse, especially since I had never tried cannabis drinks before. It took me three days to consume all of the cannabis drinks, and I was stoned out of my mind the entire time! I don’t know if cannabis drinks are always this strong, or if being expired gave them some extra kick, but they were an awesome discovery..


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