Any Discounts or sales are only available in store

The local marijuana dispensary offers discounts on various products in the store.

They do not advertise any of the discounts or sales.

The only way to find out if something is on sale is to go to the dispensary. I do not live near the dispensary, so I usually order delivery service, but when I do that the sale prices are not available to me. I went to the store to pick out all of our products. When I got to the marijuana shop, I saw out that they were having a sale on all of the cannabis concentrates. They were all by 1 and get another 1 for 50% off. The dispensary did not advertise the sale online. I only found out because I went into the store. I saved about $150 that day, because I took fortune of the buy 1 and get another 1 for 50% off sale. I picked out two indica cannabis concentrate strains and two delightful sativa cannabis concentrate strains. When I was finished at the dispensary, I got on the phone and I messaged our best acquaintance jack. I told the girl that the delivery service was having a huge sale in the store on concentrates. When Jack found out about the sale, she went to the cannabis dispensary to take fortune of the cheap prices too. She picked out 18 grams of cannabis concentrate and then she came over to our beach house to say thank you for the heads up… Jack selected a couple of different Indica strains enjoy OG kush, Skywalker og, and gelato number 33. The pair of us smoked some of the concentrate together and both of us shared a marijuana cigarette before Jack went back to her venue.

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