Are there states that have not legalized medical cannabis?

I was recently reading an article about the legalization of medical cannabis.

I was under the assumption that the United States had legalized medical cannabis everywhere, but I was wrong. The national government still didn’t recognize medical cannabis as a medication. Nearly every state had an allowance for CBD products, but there couldn’t be any THC in the product. I had been talking to people about how they felt about the legalization of recreational marijuana in our state. Although some people thought it was a great idea, there were more who thought medical marijuana should not have been legalized let alone legalizing recreational marijuana. I had been using legal medical marinjuana for almost a year for my MS. I had more mobility and fewer flare ups of the disease. I couldn’t imagine where I would be if I hadn’t been prescribed medical marijuana by my mental health therapist. She was the one who gave me the help to get my medical marijuana ID card. I thought about the states who refused to legalize medical marijuana and how the national government refused to recognize marijuana as something other than a nuisance drug. It all made little to no sense to myself and many other people, but I couldn’t get enough people together to do a march on the capital. It would be nice to show them what we were like prior to the use of medical marijuana and how we are now. Just like with any medication, it may be a wonder drug, but it is safer than many of those pushed at us by the drug companies.
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