Arthritis relief with a topical

My hands have always felt a little tight and achy.

  • As I have gotten older I have realized that arthritis is what I am suffering with.

The pain increases overtime and with the weather changes. I tried natural remedies to fix the issue. Gin soaked raisins only does so much though. My hands still ache and feel tight. I did some research and I realized I could either go the cannabis route or take hardcore medical leaps. I decided that a natural plant sounded better to me. At first I was worried that as a medical weed patient I would need to smoke my cannabis. I pictured myself lighting a giant bong or pipe in order to get some relief. I expressed my concerns to the budtender at the store. The guy was great about it. He informed me that it wasn’t necessary to smoke cannabis in order to relieve my chronic pain. He actually advised me to try a topic. This is a cream that is applied directly to the skin for immediate relief. Yes there is CBD and THC in the product. However, the cream doesn’t get into my bloodstream. I don’t get high at all. The most I feel is a slight cooling and tingling sensation as it works. It honestly feels like a more powerful icy hot that I put on my hands. It also smells so much better and doesn’t have that greasy after film that icy hot has. I can’t believe I procrastinate this long on getting medical marijuana.
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