Bad storm ruined our marijuana crop

My family and I own a marijuana farm and we harvest up to 60 acres of plants every season.

We have a springtime harvest and a winter harvest.

Winter is usually absolutely dry and arid. Periodically we have a little bit of rain, but this year we had tormental downpours almost every single day during the winter months. Our farm was under 6 ft of water at one time and all of our crops were completely destroyed. We lost a lot of units during the storm too. After the storm was over, we decided to go to the bank to see if we could secure a loan to help the marijuana farm get through the difficult part. The bank looked at all of our finances and asked us if we thought about joining a co-op in the city. My family and I never entirely discussed being part of a co-op, however it was absolutely an interesting idea that the bank official brought to my attention. After we signed all of the paperwork for the loan for the marijuana farm, I decided to make an appointment with the owner of the co-op. I told them that the bank finance director sent me to her and she was absolutely interested to hear more about my family and the marijuana farm. We spoke for many hours together and after we were done, I gained an offer to supply the co-op with 15 lb of marijuana after our next harvest. My dad was so proud that he named me vice president of the supplier reporting directly and only to him.

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