Be more careful than ever about alleged full spectrum CBD blends being hawked

There are a lot of snake oil salesmen on the internet these days.

Some of them are downright devious in their attempts to sell inferior products at unnecessarily high prices.

One of the worst offenders that come to mind are some of the essential oil producers. When I first started buying essential oils about 10 years ago, the industry was rife with companies that would recreate these oil blends in laboratories and would produce something that smelled somewhat similar to the target aroma, but they were dubious in whether or not they were safe to inhale. Now the same companies sell what is supposed to be 100% essential oil, but they use some of the lowest quality source ingredients that they can get their hands on. I don’t like buying lemon oil that smells like half-way fermented lemons that were partially rotting when they were turned into essential oil. Some of the unethical essential oil companies are jumping on the CBD and hemp oil craze right now and are offering their own blends. They will say that they have the best full spectrum CBD product available, but in reality it’s just CBD powder mixed with other cannabinoids and terpenes. In reality you’re buying an expensive broad spectrum CBD product that is falsely marketed as a true full spectrum CBD product. Some of the local CBD stores in my area have CBD products that I can’t verify the sources of, unlike some of the quality hemp and CBD products that I can purchase on the internet. The hemp flower buds are lab tested and so are all of the products made in labs with extraction equipment.

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